Innovation Skills Curriculum

Blackstone LaunchPad created a new program to help students to develop skills for their careers: the “Innovation Skills Curriculum”.

Blackstone LaunchPad, the signature program of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, seeks to close the opportunity gap by equipping college and university students with the entrepreneurial skills they need to build lasting careers.

To advance this goal, LaunchPad is partnering with your campus to offer the very first “Innovation Skills Curriculum,” a series of workshops, comprehensive resources, and campus activities for you to hone your abilities for future career success.

  • This workshop series will center on four key pillars of an entrepreneurial-innovation skill set, which are vital for all professions:
    • growth mindset
    • creativity
    • critical thinking
    • leadership.
  • Each workshop will feature a guest speaker, giving you the opportunity to learn, engage and ask questions live.
  • Students also have access to a website with resources and exercises for each pillar to practice thinking like an entrepreneur, learn tangible career-oriented skills, and develop confidence as leaders.