Minor in Computational Linguistics

Advisor: Bill Haddican. To contact him, click here. To book an appointment, please use the Navigate app.

The Computer Science Department and the Linguistics and Communication Disorders Department jointly offer a minor in Computational Linguistics that is designed to provide students majoring in Computer Science (BA or BS degree) or General Linguistics with the necessary interdisciplinary skills for a career in research​, application, and technology development of computerized natural language processing.

For information for all students and advising appointments for CS majors, contact Professor Haddican.

Requirements for the Minor in Computational Linguistics

  1. Computer Science majors (18 cr.): LCD 101, 116, 120, 150, 220 or 250, and a 300-level CSCI elective in an area of natural language processing (which may count as an elective for the CS major).
  2. General Linguistics majors (18 cr.): CSCI 111, 120, 212, 314, a 300-level CSCI elective in an area of natural language processing, and a course in probability and statistics (either MATH 114 or MATH 241). If students have the appropriate prerequisites, they are encouraged to take MATH 241 because it provides a stronger foundation for their further study or research in computational linguistics beyond the courses in this minor.
  3. Other majors (33 cr.): Students in any other major have to complete both lists of required courses.
  4. The minimum grade in any required course is C-; the minimum combined grade point average for courses in the minor is 2.7 (B-). At least half of the required course credits must be completed at Queens College.


Appendix: Course Titles

CSCI 111 Introduction to Algorithmic Problem Solving
CSCI 120 Discrete Mathematics for Cross-disciplinary Minors
CSCI 212 Object-Oriented Programming in Java
CSCI 314 Data Structures for Cross-disciplinary Minors

LCD 101 Introduction to Language
LCD 110 Phonetics
LCD 120 The Syntactic Structure of English I
LCD 150 Linguistic Phonetics
LCD 220 The Syntactic Structure of English II

LCD 250 Phonology
LCD 306 Semantics and Pragmatics

MATH 114 Elementary Probability and Statistics
MATH 241 Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics