Minor in General Linguistics

Advisor: Bill Haddican. You can contact him here. To book an appointment, please use the Navigate app.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. By minoring in linguistics, you can combine a greater understanding of language and languages with another major, such as English, other languages, Anthropology, Sociology, Urban Studies, Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, among other fields.

Program of Study (18 credits: 6 courses, 3 credits each):

  • LCD 101: Introduction to Language. Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer.
  • LCD 116: Morphology (word structure) Offered in Fall only.
  • LCD 120: English Sentence Structure. Offered in Fall and usually Summer..
  • LCD 150: Linguistic Phonetics (physical and anatomical dimensions of sounds). Offered in Fall only.
  • LCD 205: Sociolinguistics (language in society). Offered in Spring and usually Summer.
  • Either LCD 220: Syntax (sentence structure) or LCD 250: Phonology (sound structure). Both offered in Spring only.


  • LCD 101 is a prerequisite to all 200 level courses.
  • LCD 120 is a prerequisite to LCD 220.
  • LCD 150 is a prerequisite to LCD 250.

See course descriptions.

Some courses listed above may be substituted for CSD majors.

No course will count toward this minor with a grade lower than C–.