TIME 2000

TIME 2000 (Teaching Improvements through Mathematics Education) is a secondary mathematics teacher-preparation program offering scholarships towards tuition. Participants are part of a close-knit learning community in which they take their mathematics and education courses together, engage in study groups, and attend seminars, conferences, and off-campus events. Close guidance and support are provided by carefully selected faculty who teach in the program. Students in this program major in mathematics education. Upon graduation and completion of New York State examinations, students are fully qualified to begin teaching mathematics in grades 7 through 12.

Please note that current QC freshmen, sophomores and transfer students may be eligible to apply to the program. Email QCTIME2000@qc.cuny.edu for individual advisement about your application. 

For more information email naomi.weinman@qc.cuny.edu or visit TIME2000.qc.cuny.edu.

Queens College/Columbia University Dual-Degree Program in Engineering

Queens College offers students with interest in engineering the opportunity to pursue that interest while benefiting from Queens College’s high-quality liberal arts and sciences education at an affordable price. The program offers research opportunities with world-class faculty known for their dedication to teaching, and diverse student activities. 

This program is administered through the Physics Department but open to all Queens College majors. In recent years, a steady number of math majors have been accepted to and completed this program. Read carefully the posted details at the link here: https://physics.qc.cuny.edu/undergraduate-programs/#preengineering-program.

Accelerated MA in Mathematics

If you are a Queens College student in upper sophomore, lower junior, or upper junior semesters with a GPA of 3.5 or above, you may be eligible to enroll in an accelerated Master’s degree. Accelerated degrees allow qualified students to begin taking coursework for a Master’s degree or graduate certificate as an undergraduate student. Admitted students begin taking graduate coursework at undergraduate tuition rates in their senior year. Under the Accelerated MA in Mathematics, undergraduates majoring in Mathematics may transfer up to twelve (12) of these GRADUATE CREDITS to a Master of Arts in Mathematics. A student who earns 12 qualifying graduate credits at the undergraduate level may finish their Master of Arts in Mathematics program in one year.

Application to the Accelerated MA program should be made in the upper sophomore, lower junior, or upper junior semesters. To apply, students should speak with the Graduate Advisor. At the time of application, students must have a 3.5 GPA overall, and in Mathematics courses alone, and have at least 12 credits of Mathematics courses at Queens College. Upon completion of the BA in Mathematics, students in the Accelerated MA with a 3.0 GPA overall and in Mathematics courses alone will matriculate automatically into the MA in Mathematics. At that point, the credit transfer will occur. (Students who do not meet the GPA requirements may apply for admission to the MA through the regular application process.)

For more information, visit Accelerated Degrees at QC or contact Prof. Dan Lee.