Experience Mathematics In New York

Earn a Master’s in Mathematics at the greatest urban university in the world

Come to New York City and join the ranks of CUNY graduate students. Our campus is located in Queens, where more languages are spoken on a daily basis than anywhere else in the world. Experience New York’s academic and social atmosphere by taking advantage of this opportunity to study at the City University.

Become part of the very active CUNY research community

Our faculty represent a variety of mathematical disciplines including algebra, number theory, dynamical systems, differential geometry, logic, complex analysis, topology and combinatorics. Professors teaching Master’s courses often hold joint appointments at Queens College and the doctoral faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center, which houses a Ph.D. program in Mathematics rated ‘Group A’ by the American Mathematical Society.

We help you build a strong foundation in pure mathematics

We offer courses in graduate algebra, topology, analysis, differential geometry, logic, set theory, and number theory, covering a wide breadth and depth of pure mathematics. If you are thinking of applying to a Ph.D. program, but feel that you could use some preparation, take advantage of our diverse course offerings, which will more than fill any gaps that may be preventing you from becoming a successful math Ph.D. student.

We prepare you for a career in applied mathematics

We also offer a Master’s degree with concentration in applied mathematics. Course include numerical analysis, probability, statistics, stochastic processes, and operations research. This degree will open the door to many exciting careers in industry, business, or finance.

Excellence at an affordable price

Becoming a graduate student at Queens College will not break your bank or put you deep in debt. We offer one of the lowest tuitions of any university in the US. If you like, you can live at our new dormitory, The Summit, and enjoy New York living at an affordable price.

Get in touch with us, and we will take it from there

If you are interested in our program, or would simply like to find out more, email Dan.Lee@qc.cuny.edu, and one of our professors will get back to you. If you feel that you are ready to apply now, just click on the button below. Also, check out some the links below to find out more about our department and Master’s program.

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