Internal Scholarships 

What are internal scholarships? 

Thanks to our Queens College donors, Queens College Foundation provides scholarships to students every semester based on academic merit, financial need, program of study, and/or student year. Each semester an email is sent out for QC internal scholarships, providing access to the Queens College Academic Works portal in which students can apply to the scholarships. The list provided on the scholarships page are all scholarships that the college has access to, but some scholarships are not necessarily open. In the portal, you will have access to a general application for the scholarship. The general application allows you to apply to most scholarships, and at the end of the application there will be a short list of additional scholarships that have supplemental questions that are required to be answered. 

Spring Scholarship Cycle: January 15th through March 10th
Fall Scholarship Cycle: August 1st through October 10th

 Link to apply to scholarship portal:

Frequently Asked Questions

General Application Questions
Can I apply after the deadline closes?

You cannot apply once the deadline has passed.

Do I need to apply every semester?

Yes. Each semester is a new scholarship cycle, and we recommend applying every semester that you’re a continuing student.

Can I apply if I received a scholarship in a prior semester?

Yes, you can apply again for the next semester. 

Can I apply before I start at Queens College?

You need to be a matriculated student with a Queens College email account to be able to create an account to apply.

What term will the scholarship be applied to?

Scholarships will be awarded for the term after you apply. If you apply in Spring 2024, the scholarship will be awarded for Fall 2024. Each semester, there will be a handful of same semester awards with an earlier application deadline.

Application Tips
Do you have any tips for the application?
  1. Take your time with the essay responses. Have a friend, mentor or QC staff peer review.
  2. Look at all of the additional applications to see if you qualify for those outside of the general pool.
  3. List a professional or academic reference if you have one. Make sure to email them first.
  4. If you’ve done community service, make sure to add that in the application.

Need support for writing essays?

Looking for community service opportunities? – Not endorsed or vetted by QC message

Award notification and Payment
Can the award be applied towards bills, books…?

Award money will be applied toward your outstanding balance in CUNY First. Any leftover money will be credited to your account.


How will I be notified if I am awarded a scholarship?

You will receive an email from:


What do I need to do if I am awarded a scholarship?

Log into Academic Works to accept or decline the award and follow all post-acceptance tasks by the deadline. If you do not do this by the deadline, your scholarship will be rescinded.

Will I be notified if I do not get a scholarship?

Yes, you will receive a “regret” email stating that you didn’t receive the scholarship(s). You should apply when the new cycle opens, as well as search for other opportunities.

If I received a regret email stating that I did not receive a particular scholarship, does that mean I did not receive all the others as well?

Yes. All individual scholarships are under the category of internal scholarships. If you received a scholarship from us, you would have been notified by email.

Can I still apply for an undergraduate scholarship if I am pursuing a second undergraduate degree?

Yes, unless otherwise stated in the award opportunity. 

Graduate Students

Are there scholarships for graduate students?

In addition to the general application, there are few scholarships available for graduate students hosted under the graduate school.

Check with your specific department to inquire about departmental awards.

Graduate Studies

Can I apply for a scholarship listed for undergraduate students?

Apply to the general application and to whichever opportunities which do not state only for undergraduate students.

International Students

Fill out (1) the General and (2) the Honors & Scholarships applications

Apply to any internal or external opportunities for which you might qualify

If you want to study at Queens College, as an international student on a F-1 visa, contact:

The International Students & Scholars Office, | 718-997-4440

Queens College Global Student Success Program, and

More information for Students without Documentation

Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes. Most of our portfolio is open to you.

Please contact the following resources for additional information:

Queens College Immigrant Student Support Initiative | 718-997-3934

How do I apply for the Dream National Scholarship?

Please contact the Queens College Dream.US Liaison, JC Smallwood to gain clarification on any issues: Contact:  718-997-4262

Additional FAQ's

Why can’t I apply for a scholarship that is listed? 

All scholarships have set open and close application periods. If you cannot click on it to apply, then it is not open for that cycle. In some cases, the donor has requested that though the scholarship is not currently available for application, potential applicants should be made aware of the scholarship and its requirements.

Can I still apply for an undergraduate scholarship if I am pursuing a second undergraduate degree? 

Yes, unless otherwise stated in the award opportunity. 

Scholarship Fraud


Accepting an Internal Queens College Scholarship

What do I need to do if I am awarded a scholarship?

Log into Academic Works and complete the post-acceptance application by the deadline.

When will I see the award in my account?

Depending on the semester you applied, around the end of November or at the beginning of April.

Will I be given a check?

In most cases, we must apply the scholarship toward tuition. You would see the award reflected in your CUNY account around the middle of the semester, or if you had to fill out a W-9 form for the post-acceptance application, you could make arrangements with us to pick up the check on campus.

What do I do about late payment emails?

Pay the remaining amount after subtracting the scholarship award amount.

 Ex: If you owe $2500 and you were awarded a $500 award, you need to pay the $2000. The Bursar would have been alerted that you have been given an award. After you pay your balance, you can ignore those emails. It is best you contact the Bursar to ensure your balance is correct.

 What happens to my award if:

– I graduate early? Remaining award is rescinded.

– Changed schools? Remaining award is rescinded.

– Am not registered for the award period’s classes? Remaining award is rescinded.

– I dropped a class or changed majors?

– It depends on the specific award criteria as set by the donor. Please contact our office.

– My GPA drops? It depends on the specific award criteria as set by the donor.

– Am now part-time? It depends on the specific award criteria as set by the donor.