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Assessment Resources

To request assistance from OIE, see our Support page.

Faculty conducting course or program level assessment should review our Introduction to Academic Assessment.

Staff conducting administrative assessment should review our Guidelines for Administrative Assessment.

CUNY Assessment 101: A Free Online Course

Brought to you by the CUNY Assessment Council, CUNY Assessment 101 introduces the principles of assessment in higher education.

Specifically, the course aims to:

  • Demystify the assessment process
  • Provide tools for building and implementing an assessment plan
  • Support continuous improvement with a focus on student success and institutional effectiveness
Learning Assessment Texts

In addition to the other resources listed above, Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment is a rich source of information on assessment practices at other institutions. The site contains hundreds of examples of assessment manuals and plans for various disciplines. Additionally, you may be interested in following the Chronicle of Higher Education’s weekly newsletter on teaching and learning.

Assessment Organizations & Initiatives

CUNY Assessment Council
CLT CUNY Centers for Teaching + Learning
Association of American Colleges and Universities LEAP
Assessment Commons
Welcome to NILOA
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education