Student Technology Governance Standard

Queens College Information Technology Standard  No: STF- 001
 ITS StandardStudent Technology Fee Updated: 08/18/2023

Issued By: Office of the CIO

Owner: Information Technology Services

I.  Purpose and Benefit

The Student Technology Fee (STF) is designed to provide funds for improving existing technology-related operations and acquiring new technology that substantially benefits students or student success and is used by the students of Queens College and its respective individual constituent colleges. The committee is subject to the Board of Trustees resolutions regarding the collection of Student Technology Fee and procedures.

II.  Authority

Responsible Office: The Office of the CIO
Responsible Executive: Chief Information Officer
Responsible Officer: IT Finance and Budget Director

III. Technology Fee Committee

Provides the President of Queens College with a yearly plan to support the implementation of enhancements to teaching and learning using technology for Queens College students. This plan will be implemented based on available Queens College Student Technology Fee funds.

All members of the Queens College Technology Fee Committee are formally appointed by the Office of the CIO (ITS) & Office of the Provost

Committee Responsibilities

The committee’s responsibilities are to review all proposals, recommend new proposals for funding, check the status of approved projects, and maintain oversight of the projects regarding budget, progress, and effectiveness. It is explicit that priority be given to resources and projects having a demonstrable impact on students and to maintaining technology infrastructure to support the College.

The Student Technology Fee is not meant for multi-year support for academic courses or programs.


Voting representatives: 
Five (5) Student Representatives composed of Graduate and Undergraduate Students are recommended for membership by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

  • Administration
  • CIO of Office of Information Technology
  • Associate Provost
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Chief Financial Officer

Non-Voting Members:

  • ITS Chief of Staff
  • ITS Director of Budget & Finance
  • Assistant Vice President Facilities Planning Operations
  • Benjamin Rosenthal Library – Chief Librarian
  • Office of the Provost – Budget Manager
  • Two Faculty members appointed by the Office of the Provost

VI. Operations

  • The Technology Fee Committee provides the President of Queens College with a proposed yearly plan for using the Student Technology Fee for each academic year.
  • The Committee Chair will submit the plan to the Office of the University Chief Information Officer.
  • The Committee will publish the assessment of projects funded in the previous fiscal year to the Student Technology Fee website.
  • Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month, minus January, June, July, and August, which are planning months for the prior and upcoming fiscal year.
  • Notices of meetings, agenda, and locations will be announced via the Student Technology Fee Website, and within the Committee’s Microsoft Teams Channel.
  • Guest Speakers can be scheduled to present information valid to the STF Committee.
  • The order of the agenda is determined by the Chair and is sent out one week before the meeting.
  • Changes to the agenda can be requested and approved by a show of hands before introducing the first agenda item.
  • Meetings can be in person, hybrid, web conference, or any combination of these three.
  • A meeting quorum shall consist of 6 members.

VII. Voting

A voting member may not proxy:

  • A voting quorum is necessary for any vote to take place. A voting quorum consists of a minimum of 51% of the total number of voting members, including two voting student members present. Voting members may vote electronically until midnight of the day the motion is seconded for a vote.
  • In a tie vote, the Committee Chair may vote once to break the tie.

VIII. Duties of the Chair

  • The chair shall prepare agendas for committee meetings, convene the committee, and chair meetings.
  • Adherence to all policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Upon the chair’s absence, the CIO’s Chief of Staff will chair committee meetings.
  • Record minutes, take attendance, and maintain the meeting calendar.
  • Submit annual requests for committee reappointments to the Office of the Provost and Office of Student Affairs.

IX.  Funding Allocations

The student technology fee is the primary funding source for the Office of Information Technology Services and the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library. The Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library is guaranteed to receive 10% of the Student Technology Fee to cover online subscriptions.

  • The Office of Information Technology Services is guaranteed to receive 70% of the Student Technology Fee for systems and hardware maintenance, classroom support, technology-driven student spaces, and system modernization.
  • Student Projects submitted will receive 10% of the Student Technology Fee.
  • Student submissions may be augmented from the Office of Information Technology Services depending on the project request, funding availability, and the Committee Chair’s discretion.
  • Faculty Projects submitted will receive 10% of the Student Technology Fee
  • Unallocated funding will be distributed to classroom support.
  • The Committee Chair will alert the committee of how the allocations are used.