Welcome to the Office of Compliance and Diversity

The Office of Compliance and Diversity (C&D):

  • Eliminates barriers to success by ensuring equitable access, services, and resources to eliminate barriers to success
  • Promotes an emotionally-intelligent and engaging environment by building community consensus, synergy, and relationships
  • Considers and appreciates the unique composition, cultures, needs, talents, and abilities of the Queens College community

C&D oversees four integral areas to ensure compliance, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for all members of the Queens College community. The four reporting areas of the office are:

  1. Title IX
  2. DEI
  3. Affirmative Action
  4. Accessibility

We specialize in creating and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that align with the colleges’ values and ideals, including fairness and compliance.

We provide support and resources for all QC community members to thrive academically, professionally, socially, and personally.

We educate and train everyone to fully understand the compliance requirements and overall expectations regarding Title IX, DEI, Affirmative Action, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Office Information

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Bldg: Kiely Hall – Room: 134
Phone/Voice Mail: 718-997-5888
Fax: 718-997-5770

Report Sexual Misconduct

Email for Title IX

Email for DEI misconduct complaints


Report Discrimination and Retaliation  

CUNY University-Wide Discrimination and Retaliation Reporting Portal


Discrimination Complaints

We investigate student and employee complaints regarding all forms of unlawful discrimination, including sexual harassment. When appropriate, we coordinate supportive measures and accommodations during investigations. We also ensure all parties are provided due process.

Diversity Initiatives

The C&D serves as QC’s liaison to local, national, and international organizations that address discrimination prevention and workforce diversity. We consult and coordinate with academic and administrative departments to increase workforce diversity and eliminate under-representation of females and minorities, such as those who identify as Black or African-American, Asian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Italian-American, and LGBTQIAA+.


We ensure compliance with CUNY and QC policies and procedures regarding all recruitment. This includes policies and procedures related to Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, discrimination and sexual harassment prevention, and domestic violence awareness and prevention. We prepare QC’s annual Affirmative Action Plan and related reports mandated by CUNY so you can see how we’re doing.


We provide on-campus information and training regarding discrimination prevention, including sexual harassment prevention. Beyond the mandatory training that provides a foundation for safety and success during your time at QC, we offer voluntary training on topics such as Healthy Relationships, Bystander Intervention, Implicit Bias, Safe Spaces, and Conflict Resolution.


This website is designed to provide reliable and accurate information regarding workforce and student diversity at Queens College. The staff of the C&D is available to answer your questions and provide assistance during business hours. In addition, our office maintains voice-messaging and email systems, which are available 24/7.