Faculty Advisors

Upon declaring accounting as your major or minor, the department will designate a faculty advisor whose office hours match times that you may be free and on campus. Your advisor will help you set up a plan to complete the major/minor course requirements while meeting prerequisites and class standing criteria. Your advisor is a great “go to” person because you can discuss your educational objectives and concerns and receive feedback, support, and strategies for success. You can also discuss your career interests with your advisor who has industry and practice experience and can help you develop a strategic plan to meet your career goals. Your advisor can help you with references, identify research opportunities, suggest campus events, and other activities that allow you to optimize your college experience, build a network of contacts, and become ready to assume your first professional position. Of course your advisor is also the person who will help you choose the educational path to meet CPA licensure requirements. The following faculty serves as advisors. Any one of them of is an expert in the industry and in our Department, and look forward to working with you!

Click the name of your advisor to find your advisor’s office location, office hour and contact information. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor through QC Navigate.

Using QC Navigate to set up an appointment is intuitive. The following instruction illustrates the simple steps to set up an appointment with your Accounting Department advisor.