To Declare Accounting Major

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant, you would have to choose the Advanced Accounting track to be on a path to that career. This program, plus another 30 credits, such as the Master of Science in Accounting at QC, would fulfill the educational requirements needed to become a CPA. The applicant would also need to fulfill the experience requirement of the applicable state board of accountancy and pass the CPA exam to become certified. Declaration of major is a process that takes time and planning. Students should start early enough to complete it before the next registration deadline.

Download Yellow Sheet Fall 2023 and Two Tracks in Accounting Compared.     (Yellow Sheet Fall 2022)

The Accounting Department declaration of major process has been updated.  Review the requirements for the accounting major on the Yellow Sheet and read the accompanying literature comparing our two track options.  Please reach out to the Accounting Department office at 718.997.5070, or email to begin the accounting major declaration process. Welcome to the Accounting Major!

Please Note:  Contact the Academic Advising Center at for any advisement questions regarding General Education (Gen Ed) requirements.

To Declare Accounting Minor

Minimum C grade is required in all ACCT courses. A minimum of 12 credits towards your accounting minor must be completed at Queens College.

Steps to Declare a Minor

Step 1: Download and complete the Declaration of Major/Minor Form.

Step 2: Download Minor Concentration Form and Concentration Form Instructions.

  • Read Minor Concentration Form Instructions before you fill in your concentration form.
  • Fill in the transfer column for transferred courses, the Actual/Planned Class Column and Actual/Planned Semester/Year column for all the courses that you have taken or expect to take.
  • Select one elective course from the following courses and fill in Actual/Planned Class standing and Actual/Planned Semester/year.
    • Accounting 341, 343, 350, 363, 385, 393W, 398, 331, 355, 369, 373, 382, 391, 392
    • Business: 243, 247, 341w, 351
    • Economics: 201, 202, 213, 214, 218, 220, 225, 229, 242, 246,317, 326, 328, 340, 382

Step 3: Following the Minor Concentration Form Instructions to receive an approval on your Concentration form and Declaration of Minor/Minor Form from Professor Jeffery Satenstein, and submit your forms.

Minor Concentration Form Sample