Ernest Barone

Adjunct Lecturer
Office Location: PH-Room-215 I
Phone: 718-997-5068

I usually teach undergraduate Federal Income Taxation at Queens College. I have an MS in Accounting from Queens College and I am also a Certified Public Accountant. I have been employed at the Internal Revenue Service as an Appeals Officer for over 35 years. My job is to settle tax controversies. I must do this by being impartial to the government and taxpayer, a challenging task because I am employed by the IRS. However I am usually successful because I resolve the overwhelming majority of my cases. My IRS Appeals experience enables me to bring real life experiences to the classroom. Also, my Appeals Officer experience enables me to give students a government and taxpayer perspective of the tax law. When teaching controversial tax issues (of which there are many) I try to give the students an “IRS” prospective as well as a “taxpayer” prospective. This encourages students to listen to both sides of a tax controversy and to critically analyze the arguments made by each side.