Updating Software

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Why should you keep your system updated?

  1. Security: This is the most critical reason for updates. Software updates often include software patches that cover security holes to keep hackers out. An outdated system can be a potential entry point for unwanted attacks.

  2. Bug fixes: Updates often fix bugs that were discovered in previous versions of the operating system. Running the latest updates can help keep the system running smoothly and prevent crashes.

  3. New Features: Updates often come with new features that are designed to improve your user experience. These can result in better functionality, convenience, and productivity.

  4. Performance Improvements: Updates can help your system run more efficiently. They can increase your computer’s speed, eliminate unnecessary files, and make it run faster.

  5. Compatibility: New applications and games often require the latest system updates. By keeping your system updated, you ensure that you can use all the latest software.

Software End-of-Life (EOL)

Software end of life (EOL) is a term used to indicate that the developer has decided to stop supporting a particular software product. This could mean that they no longer provide technical support, software updates, security patches, or any other types of updates for the software.


Once a software product reaches its End of Life, it could potentially become a security risk, because any vulnerabilities discovered after the End of Life date will not be fixed by new patches. This is why it is typically recommended to stop using software after its end of life, and to upgrade to a newer version or different software that still receives updates and supports.


Hardware manufacturers can declare EOL for their products, too. This typically means there will be no further firmware updates, replacement parts, or options for repair. Similar to software, continued use of End of Life hardware can pose a security risk.

Operating Systems EOL

Operating System Version End of Life/End of Support
Windows 11 22H2 10/14/2025
Windows 10 22H2 10/14/2025
Windows 8.1 6.3.9600 1/10/2023
macOS 13 13.5.2 ~Dec. 2025
macOS 12 12.6.9 ~Dec. 2024
mac OS 11 11.7.10 ~Dec. 2023
Android 13 Tiramisu ~ Dec. 2025
Android 12.1 Snow Cone v2 ~July 2025
Android 12 Snow Cone ~Dec. 2024
iOS 16 16.6.1 ~Sept 2023
iOS 15 15.7.9 Security Support ONLY
iOS 14 14.8.1 08/01/2021