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Welcome to Cybersecurity Month!

As technology continues to play a vital role in our lives, it is crucial to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting our personal and professional information. This month, we come together to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools needed to stay safe in the digital age.

Throughout Cybersecurity Month, we will be providing valuable resources to empower all members of our academic community. Whether you are a student exploring various online platforms, a faculty member conducting research, or a staff member managing critical data, this month is dedicated to ensuring that you have the necessary skills and awareness to navigate the cyber landscape securely.

Let us commit ourselves to a month of learning, sharing, and strengthening our cybersecurity practices. Together, we can build a safer digital environment for our campus and beyond. Stay tuned for upcoming information and take advantage of the opportunities presented to enhance your cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

Thank you for your participation and dedication to making our academic community cybersafe. Here’s to a month of empowering ourselves and protecting our digital lives!


Damon Vogel, Chief Information Security Officer

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