Course Processes and Procedures

The course syllabus

Faculty provide a syllabus for each course during the first class session. The syllabus contains essential information about the course and relevant department policies. Departments maintain for at least two years a file of current syllabi for all classes.


Office hours

Full-time faculty: Office hours must be scheduled and maintained by all full-time faculty regularly during the semester. A minimum of an hour a week is required. Additional office hours may be scheduled by appointment.

Adjunct faculty: ​Adjunct faculty who are paid the seventh professional hour must maintain some office hours, as indicated in this memorandum from the CUNY University Registrar, August 20, 2014.


Credit hours


Missed Classes
All planned absences for legitimate professional or personal reasons must be approved in advance by the department chairperson or program director. In such cases, the instructor is responsible for arranging for a makeup class or alternative instructional activities. When an illness or unforeseen emergency results in the cancellation of a class, the instructor should notify the chairperson as soon as possible and arrange for notices to be posted informing students of the cancellation. In the event of an extended absence of the instructor, the chairperson is responsible for arranging for continuing instruction in the course.


Final examinations
​​Final examinations and records of midterm grades and other course work for all students must be kept on file in the department office; see guidelines on retention of selected academic records.


Final grades are submitted to the Registrar within two weeks of the last day of final examinations in the Fall semester, and within one week of the last day of final examinations in the Spring semester.


Other ​policies


Information for Students

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