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Peer Support Services, which began at Queens College in 1973, is based on the assumption that the more students avail themselves of the college’s services and programs, the more successful their college experience will be. Peer Counselors see their role as helping other students to learn more about themselves, the college, and its offerings, and then clarifying available alternatives and options.

Peer Support Services are open to all registered Queens College undergraduates. Peers are available to discuss your concerns, including:

  • College requirements
  • Adjustment to college life
  • Graduation requirements
  • Dropping courses
  • P/NC-ing courses
  • Co-curricular activity
  • Choosing a major and/or minor
  • How to use CUNYfirst
  • Degree audits
  • Personal issues
  • Referrals to professional staff
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Office Information

Office: Student Union, LL 37
Phone: 718-997-5419
Fax: 718-997-5508

The Peer Services Office will be closed during the Winter and Summer Intersessions. The office will reopen the first day of classes.

Fall and Spring Semester Office Hours:
The Office is working virtual when classes resume. We will have our hours here during the semester.

Teaching Staff
Francesca Girod

Student Coordinators

Mariam Aslam

“Introduction to Counseling”

Teaching Assistant

Charles Martinez
Screening Coordinator

Frank Basile
Publicity Coordinator​​


We are no longer accepting applications at this time

Minor in Student Personnel

A group of students for “Peers, Students Help Students” on Club Day Fall 2014.

The Student Services and Counseling Minor is designed for, but not limited to, students interested in pursuing graduate work or employment in the area of counseling, psychology, counselor education, teaching, communications and social work. The emphasis in many of the courses is to develop communication, listening, and counseling and advisement skills in an environment that provides, in most cases, for small classes and hands-on experience.
Note: Only students accepted into the Peer Support Services Program are eligible for the minor.
How to Apply

Two students having a discussion.


In order to become peer counselors, students must meet all eligibility requirements and complete a two-part screening process.

Entrance to the program is competitive and selective. If you are at least a lower sophomore in good academic standing (minimum 2.5 GPA or better) and willing to commit to a minimum of two (2) semesters of coursework, you are eligible to apply.

For students who have been accepted, education and training consist of two mandatory three-credit courses; an optional third semester advanced course is available for those who wish to continue in the program.

Only a limited number of students can be admitted to the Peer Support Services Program each semester, since we must work within existing faculty resources while maintaining our commitment to a small class size. 

Application Process

Prospective peer counselors may pick up an application from the Peer Support Services Office, located in the lower level of the Student Union, Room LL37. Completed forms must be submitted to the Peer Support Services Office by the deadline.

Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted for a first screening. Candidates are interviewed by experienced peer counselors.

If you are successful in your first screening, you will be asked to return for a second interview with the screening coordinator and the Administrator of Peer Support Services. They will make the final selections. 

Due to Distance Learning, the Peer Office is closed.  However, you can apply online with the above link:

“Peer Registration”​

Course Descriptions

Student Personnel Course Descriptions

STPER 200: Introduction to Counseling and Advisement (required)
This course combines counseling and advisement theory and practice aimed at providing an understanding of interpersonal interactions, communication skills development, decision-making and problem-solving, and interviewing and counseling techniques. It is designed to train students who have been specially screened and selected in the skills necessary to advise other students regarding academic concerns.

3 lecture hrs., 1 practicum hr. (3 credits) Semesters offered: fall, spring.

Prerequisite: Upper sophomore standing and/or permission of the instructor. Screening interviews will take place during the semester prior to enrollment.

STPER 300: Practicum in Counseling and Advisement (required)

This course includes individual and group supervision in a practicum setting. Emphasis will be placed on further exploration of theoretical and practical issues in the advisement and counseling process, along with continued development in interviewing skills and techniques. Four hours a week of advising students plus participation throughout the academic year, including advisement days and freshman registration periods, are required.  

2 lecture hrs., 4 practicum hrs. (3 credits) Prerequisite: STPER 200 and permission of the instructor. Semesters offered: fall, spring.

Optional Third-Semester Course

STPER 302: Advanced Practicum in Counseling and Advisement (Optional Third-Semester Course)

Continued supervision in a practicum setting. The experiences are parallel to those in STPER 300. Students will initiate and complete individual projects in the area of counseling and advising (theory, training, or research). There will be an opportunity to integrate counseling and advising skills previously acquired with supervisory and training functions. Participation and service throughout the academic year are required. 

2 lecture hrs., 4 practicum hrs. (3 credits) Prerequisite: STPER 300 and permission of the instructor. Semesters offered: fall, spring.

If you have any questions or would like to request additional information about Peer Support Services, please contact the program’s administrator, Nancy Leighton, at nancy.leighton@qc.cuny.edu