Globalization & Environment Electives

FINANCE AND ACTUARIAL STUDIES ONLY (International Business majors, see Area Studies)


ECON 204: International Political Economy
ECON 207: Comparative Economic and Financial Systems
*Note: If ECON 207 is chosen as a major elective, it may not also be chosen as a globalization elective.
ECON 208: Process of Economic Development
ECON 228W: Economics of the Environment
ECON 232: Economics of Climate Change
ECON 233: Globalization Now and Then
ECON 328: International Finance
*Note: If ECON 328 is chosen as a major elective, it may not also be chosen as a Globalization elective.
ECON 326: International Economics


HIST 222: Europe since 1945
HIST 106: History of Latin America: 1825 to Present

Political Science

PSCI 231: Political Culture and Political Socialization
PSCI 232: Comparative Political Economy
PSCI 233: Transitions in Democracy
PSCI 234: Contemporary Western Europe
PSCI 235: Contemporary Russia
PSCI 236: The Politics of Developing Nations
PSCI 237: Contemporary Africa
PSCI 238: Contemporary Asia
PSCI 239: Contemporary Latin America
PSCI 240: Contemporary Middle East
PSCI 243: Contemporary Central America
PSCI 250: International Law
PSCI 251: International Organization
PSCI 252: Contemporary Issues in International Relations
PSCI 253: Problems in International Law and Administration
PSCI 254: The Politics of the International Economy
PSCI 255: Comparative Foreign Policy
PSCI 256: Africa in World Politics
PSCI 257: Western Europe in World Politics
PSCI 258: Asia in World Politics
PSCI 260: The Middle East in World Politics
PSCI 261: Russia in World Politics


SOC 273: Globalization: Social and Geographic Perspectives


GEOL 025: Globalization: Social and Geographic Perspectives

Environmental Science

ENSCI 100: Our Planet in 21C


ANTH 304: Anthropology of Development
ANTH 302: Ecology and Culture