French Graduate Programs

The French Program offers the Master of Arts and Master of Science in Education degrees in French. Both degrees can lead to careers in teaching, business, and government, or qualify students for admission to doctoral programs in French or comparative literature.


Master of Arts in French

The comprehensive program leading to the Master of Arts offers students a variety of approaches to French studies, including courses in French literature ranging from the medieval to the contemporary periods, French civilization, advanced translation, and stylistics. Seminars are given in methodology or selected topics.

Graduate Adviser: Karen Sullivan: Queens Hall 205F1, 718-997-5652,

Admissions Requirements

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for admission.

  1. A strong undergraduate concentration in, consisting normally of a minimum of 20 undergraduate elective credits.
  2. The credentials of each applicant are to be examined by a suitable departmental committee which shall have the authority to accept or reject the candidate. This committee may request an interview with a candidate for admission if it feels it necessary to do so.
Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for the Master of Arts degree.

  1. Students must consult the Graduate Adviser in their language for assistance and guidance in working out an approved program of studies.
  2. Thirty credits are required for the Master of Arts degree. Completion of a thesis is optional. Students who wish to complete the thesis are required to take 791 and 792 as part of the 30-credit requirement. A minimum of 24 credits must be taken in the major language. The remaining credits may be taken with permission in a second language.
  3. All students are required to take the appropriate seminar (781) and course (701).
  4. Students will be required to demonstrate their reading knowledge of another language, in addition to their major language. A classical language may be substituted by special permission.
  5. A comprehensive examination, both written and oral, will be administered in the major language, in which students will be tested on their knowledge of the important authors and literary movements. A student may not attempt this examination more than twice.
  6. A thesis based on original research (791, 792, Special Problems) may be substituted for two of the courses. This thesis will normally be written in English, or, by special permission, in the foreign language of the major field of the student’s concentration.


Master of Science in Education

Developed for teachers in middle, junior high, and senior high schools, the Master of Science in Education program combines course work in French (language, literature, and civilization), foreign language education, and professional education leading to permanent state certification.

The Master of Science in Education Program (French) responds to the needs of teachers and prospective teachers of foreign languages. The degree program combines course work in 1) culture, literature, and language, 2) foreign language education, and 3) professional education. The courses in culture, literature, and language are given by the Department of European Languages and Literatures. The courses in foreign language education and professional education are offered by the School of Education.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements stated on page 16 of the Graduate Bulletin, applicants should have:

  1. Strong undergraduate concentration in the language of specialization consisting of at least 21 credits above course 204.
  2. Either an undergraduate minor in Secondary Education or completion of the following sequence of courses as part of the Secondary Education Advanced Certificate:
    – SEYS 536. Educational Foundations 3 credits
    – SEYS 552. Educational Psychology 3 credits
    – SEYS 562. Seminar in Teaching Foreign Languages 3 credits
    – SEYS 573. Student Teaching 6 credits
Requirements for the Master of Science Degree

The 30 credits required for the degree are to be distributed as follows:

  1. Six courses in the major language:
    Two courses (6 cr.) in language and linguistics
    Four courses (12 cr.) in literature and civilization
  2. Four courses in Secondary Education:
    1. One course from the area of Foundations of Education: SEYS 701-708 (Prereq.: SEYS 201 or 536); 3 cr.
    2. One course from the area of Psychological Foundations: SEYS 709, 710, 717, 718, 719, 738, or 768 (Prereq.: SEYS 222 or 552); 3 cr.
    3. SEYS743, Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages in Secondary School (Prereq.: SEYS 351 or 562); 3 cr.
    4. SEYS 785, Methods of Research in Foreign Language Instruction (Prereq.: SEYS 743 or SEYS 790, a thesis based on original research in language or literature, directed by an adviser in the major language; 3 cr.
  3. Students should meet with the Graduate Advisers in French and Secondary Education and Youth Services as soon as possible to plan their program of study and submit it for approval.​