Modern Greek Resources

Library Facilities

Students have full access privileges to library collections at all CUNY institutions. The Queens College Rosenthal Library, as well as the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies maintain reference collections and current periodicals in Greek and English that students can consult for their research and study of Greek culture.

Study Abroad Program

Queens College offers the possibility of undergraduate study in Greece through various university programs in Greece. Tuition Scholarships are offered.

Foreign Language Requirement

In order to be able to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, a student is required to demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language equivalent to intermediate level (three semesters of College Greek). Holders of a High School (Lyceum) diploma from Greece or Cyprus should contact the Registrar’s office as soon as they are admitted for possible exemption. A language proficiency exam can be administered at New York University. For more information on the exam, please visit the Division of Arts and Humanities website.

Ikaros Greek Club

Phone: 718-997-3586