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The German Program at Queens College recognizes the superb opportunities offered in New York City in the areas of cultural studies and business and makes every effort to introduce students to the offerings of the city.

Delta Phi Alpha

The department also houses the Delta Omicron chapter of Delta Phi Alpha, the national German honor society.

Library Facilities

Students have full access privileges to library collections at all CUNY institutions. The Queens College Rosenthal Library maintains reference collections and current periodicals on the German-speaking world. Students can read up on the latest events in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Student Exchanges/Internships

Queens College offers the possibility of undergraduate and postgraduate study in Germany through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). New York area internships are possible through participation in the Business and the Liberal Arts (BALA) program. Students have also participated in the prestigious Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program, and have been recipients of DAAD and Fulbright grants and awards.

Queens College has an affiliation with the Free University Summer Program in Berlin (FUBiS). See the QC Education Abroad site for more details. See also for the most up-to-date listings for this program.

Please contact the Program Advisor as soon as possible if you are interested in summer study in Germany.

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