Russian Resources


A great many opportunities are available for the person knowledgeable in Russian: internships, work-study and study-tour programs. The knowledge of the Russian language gained from majoring will equip a college graduate for a variety of job opportunities in the inter-culturally-competent global workforce, including international development agencies, corporate foundations, and government-sponsored institutions, as well as private and public corporations. A Russian major can help build the career of enterprising students by giving them the opportunity to obtain meaningful and rewarding employment in a number of foreign settings.

As the twenty-first century evolves, international employment opportunities will continue to grow. At this point in time international commerce is a basic ingredient of nearly every business enterprise. Each day business—and of course, government—grow more global in nature. Professionals in every field are being challenged to acquire and demonstrate language and cultural acumen applicable to the world of business. The people who will make multi-national efforts effective are those individuals who have a quality education and the grasp of another culture and language.

Study Abroad

The department can arrange for students of Russian to study in St. Petersburg. Depending upon the nature of the courses, credit may be granted toward the major and toward their degree at Queens College. The academic adviser can supply further information about these programs.