Russian Programs

The department offers courses in the Russian language, literature and culture. Elective courses in Russian provide intermediate and advance instruction in both language and literature. Students who have had previous training in the Russian language, as well as native speakers of Russian, should consult the undergraduate Adviser in Russian for correct placement.

Major in Russian

Required: 33 credits. A minimum of 30 elective credits in Russian language (above RUSS 111) and literature and culture (starting with RUSS 150).

The rest of the credits should be selected from courses in related fields, such as linguistics, comparative literature, history, philosophy, English, and other foreign languages and literatures. Students are urged to register their intention to major with the Undergraduate Adviser for Russian early in their College career.

Minor in Russian

Required: Minimum of 15 credits. May be started with any Russian literature and culture course or Russian language course (above RUSS 111). Students should consult with the Undergraduate Advisor for Russian as early as possible in order to plan their programs.

Students interested in Russian and East European area studies may consider pursuing an interdisciplinary major program, combining Russian language and literature with other disciplines related to the area, under the supervision of the Director of Interdisciplinary and Special Studies and the departments concerned.