Modern Greek

Why Greek?

Modern Greek language and literature, uninterrupted for three thousand years, attract students for practical as well as intellectual reasons. Learning modern Greek culture is a virtual journey back to our roots and a means of understanding a culture other than one’s own.

Taking pride in their cultural heritage, diaspora Greeks choose to learn Greek in order to communicate with their friends and relatives in Greece as well as for educational purposes – to travel to Greece and acquaint themselves with the country’s history, customs, and language. Besides being practical, the reasons are just as often emotional.

The Department of European Languages and Literatures offers a full sequence of courses in language, literature, and culture which can lead to a minor in modern Greek. Combined with any other major, the minor in Modern Greek is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers. The minor in Modern Greek requires 15 credits beyond Modern Greek 203 or its equivalent.

The study of Greek is also appealing for intellectual and educational reasons. Both heritage students and non-Greek students choose to learn the language in order to become acquainted with Greek culture, do research, or pursue studies in such other disciplines as philosophy, science, history, literature, art, archaeology, and medicine, all of which have their roots in Hellenic culture. Indeed, Queens College offers a major in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, which is coordinated by the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.

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