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Academic Planning Committee

About Us

The Academic Planning and Curriculum Committee is a group of full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and students that work together to improve the undergraduate curriculum in the Psychology Department. The committee is headed by the Deputy Chair for Undergraduate Studies.

Current Projects

Advanced Special Topic Courses: In the Spring 2023 we are starting a new series of courses (PSYCH 381) meant to give our students exposure to experts in the field and the Psychology Department’s full-time faculty. Each semester a different topic is taught which is determined by the faculty member who is teaching the class.

Tuition-Free Bootcamps: Starting in the Winter of 2023, we are offering free, 4-day, intensive, workshops in Statistics and Experimental Psychology.

Gathering Data: We have undertaken several initiatives to learn from students about their experiences in Psychology Courses.

Advising and Experiential Opportunities: We are working to improve career advising in the Psychology Department and offer more experiential opportunities to students.

Curriculum Improvements: We are working to improve and modernize the psychology curriculum.

If you have relevant ideas to share, please contact Dr. Valentina Nikulina.

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