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Academic Advising Scheduling

If you need to declare Psychology as your major or minor, you first will need to arrange advising in Psychology. Advising can help you with course selection, planning toward the degree, and referrals. Additionally, Psychology offers advising on a variety of topics to get the most out of your undergraduate experience in Psychology and plan out your future. For example, we offer advising on figuring out your interests and a career path, getting involved in extracurricular and enrichment activities, and planning for graduate school.

Peer advising resumes in June for summer session 2024. In the meantime, please use the Blackboard option.

 Self-guided advising in a Blackboard module which will allow you to declare the Psych major or minor

  • Go to Blackboard
    1. Search for Psychology Advising in the Course Search panel
    2. click the grey drop down arrow next to the course ID and click enroll
  • Watch the video either for the major or the minor
  • Mark “reviewed” when done watching the video
  • In the table of contents, select the Quiz
  • Read the quiz instructions and launch the quiz
  • Save and submit the quiz, click “ok”
  • Review answers to the quiz, click “ok”
  • Click on Certificate of Completion on the red left menu bar
  • Click the print icon and print/save the certificate as a PDF
  • Email the certificate and your declaration form to
  • Declaration forms are available HERE.