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Psychology Department DEI Committee

Mission Statement

We are strongly committed to encouraging and facilitating the learning and training of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those nationally underrepresented in the sciences. We recognize that teams with greater diversity achieve greater results. We are passionate about supporting and training diverse students, researchers, and scholars. Our ethos reflects Queens College’s motto: we learn so that we can serve. Our faculty are in a strong position to support the training of underrepresented students, as we ourselves are a diverse group of scientists and teachers. Our goal is to mentor all students and to provide guidance, enhancing opportunities for success.

By the nature of our discipline, we are committed to being champions of academic and future success defined by equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. We strive to encourage mutual respect and provide a safe space where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their true selves. We actively advocate equity through our curriculum and teaching, scientific and clinical training, and resources and services. In our endeavors to engender mutual acceptance and respect, we object to, and aim to eliminate, all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

Student Voice

From the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee at the Psychology Department

Dear students, We strongly support you in your learning and hope you are learning in a positive, safe, and inclusive environment to help you reach your full potential. Please let us know, in confidence, if you have any feedback (positive or negative) or concerns about any aspects of the courses you are taking, including class environment or course content. All submissions will be kept confidential.


Concettina Pagano, ​PhD
Psychology Department DEI Committee Chair


Concettina Pagano, ​PhD
Chair, Psychology Department DEI Committee