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Psychology Tutoring Spring 2024;  the tutoring happens in Kiely 131 or Kiely 144 and also online.

First Courses Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Allison PSYCH 213W, PSYCH 311 9-10am   9-10am   9-11am
Ariella PSYCH 213W   10:30-11:30PM   10:30-11:30PM  
Finn PSYCH 1071/1073   3-5PM   3-5PM 3-5PM
Kirk BIOL 105, BIOL 285, PSYCH 243 10-12PM   10-12PM   12-3PM
Kristina PSYCH 1071/1073   11-1pm   11-1pm  
Leila DATA 212W, PSYCH 213W,  251,  317, 353, SOC 211,  381W       2:30-4pm 2-5pm
Lia PSYCH 107, 213, 231 9:30-1:30pm &2-5pm        
Michael B. PSYCH-1071/1073 1:30-3:30PM 4-5PM   4-5PM  
Michael S. PSYCH-213W, PSYCH-1071/1073 2-5pm   2-5pm    
Mishal PSYCH 213W 9-11AM   9-11AM   12-2PM
Sophia PSYCH- 1071/1073     10:45-12:45PM