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About Undergraduate Psychology Committee

Who are the Undergraduate Psychology Committee of Queens College

The Undergraduate Psychology Committee of Queens College is a student-led committee organized by undergraduate and graduate Psychology and Neuroscience students. Our goal is to support undergraduate and graduate students have the necessary information needed to securely navigate their journeys in Psychology, Neuroscience, and related fields!

Queens College Psychology Resource Database

In the Spring of 2022, we have completed our biggest resource, a community resource database, which includes critical resources for student development such as information about graduate school planning, careers and professional development, and research and clinical education.

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Contact Us

Currently, our committee has two emails for inquiries. Since we are student-led committee, we will do our best to get back to you within one-week. If we have not replied within that time, please send us a follow-up email. We recommend sending inquiries to both emails below for likelier responses.