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About Psychology MA Experience

The goal of QC’s Psychology MA Experience Opportunity Program is to provide meaningful and practical work experience for students who are enrolled in master’s coursework. Participation may also help you fine tune your interests, identify next steps in meeting your educational or professional goals, and polish professional skills.

We have developed partnerships on campus service providers along with several local, high quality human service organizations that provide behavioral health or other services to the Queens and surrounding communities. We are actively seeking new partnerships including on-campus opportunities.

Please read through this document to learn more about the respective experience sites.

Please contact Dr. Sally Izquierdo ( to be put in touch with our contacts at these sites to be considered for an interview. *You may apply for any number of the listed opportunities.

With all these organizations, there is an understanding that you are a Queens College graduate student in either the Master’s in Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience Master’s program. Our goal is for you to be immersed in a high-quality experience related to psychology, to be more prepared for the workforce, to build your resumes and to learn more about the paths you would like to pursue after graduation.

The MAP and MABN programs are not licensure or certification qualifying programs and do not have an experience requirement pre- or post-graduation. Your participation in an experience opportunity is therefore voluntary. If you chose to participate, the hours you work will not count as supervised experience towards ANY license or certification.

One benefit of this unique program is that we can build a diverse offering of opportunities. Across and to some extent within experience sites, there may be differences including but not limited to the related area of psychology, scope of experience, length of commitment, number of hours per week, and supervision required. As is typical of an internship placement, most of these opportunities are unpaid. Paid opportunities are noted and may be more competitive.

If you prefer to have assistance with matching to a site that meets your needs, please complete the Preference Application. **This is a separate application from the MA Experience Opportunity Student Application and will not be forwarded to any experience site.

Please Complete the forms below and return to Dr. Izquierdo at