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Psychology 101 Research

The Department of Psychology requires students in Psychology 101 to become more familiar with psychological research.  You may earn research credit in one of four ways:

  1. Participating in a research study. You earn one research credit for every hour (or part of an hour) that you participate in a study. Studies can last anywhere from one to four hours (4 one-hour studies would earn you 4 credits).
  2. Attending a Psychology Department colloquium (not offered in summer). You earn one research credit for each colloquium hosted by the Psychology Department.
  3. Writing a brief report paper on a published journal article. You earn one research credit for each brief report paper written on a published article from a specified Psychology-related journal.
  4. Writing a brief report paper on an article from an online source. You earn one research credit for each brief report paper written on a specified Psychology-related article from the Internet.

You can combine the four methods to complete your credits – e.g. writing a paper and participating in a study, or participating in a study and attending a colloquium, or only writing papers. The way you get your credits is up to you. However, Students who have not completed the research requirement by the last day of classes will receive a grade of Incomplete for Psychology 101, and will have to complete the requirement during the following semester in order to receive course credit. **Please note that the “research credits” you earn for the research requirement are different from the credits that the course is worth.**

Regardless of how you decide to fulfill the research requirement, ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT ON OUR ONLINE TRACKING SYSTEM.