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PSYCH 101. General Psychology. 4 hr.; 4 cr. An introduction to the chief facts, principles, methods, and theories of psychology. Topics discussed include the history of psychology, sensory and perceptual processes, motivation and emotion, behavior development, learning and cognition, psychometrics, personality, psychopathology, and social behavior. Not open to students who have taken PSYCH 102 (currently on reserve). This course requires a research experience of up to 5 hours. This experience can consist of participation in research studies or short written reports of published psychological research. (SW, SCI)

PSYCH 107.1. Statistical Methods Laboratory. 2 lab. hr.; 1 cr. Prereq or coreq.: PSYCH 107.3. Introduction to computer software used for descriptive and inferential statistics, focused on performance and interpretation of statistical procedures covered in PSYCH 107.3

PSYCH 107.3. Statistical Methods. 4 lec./lab. hr.; 3 cr. Prereq.: Demonstration of current mathematical competency equivalent to 2½ years of high school mathematics as defined by performance on the Queens College athematics Placement Exam. This mathematics prerequisite may also be fulfilled by evidence of satisfactory completion of one or more of the following courses: MATH 110 or 122 (or their equivalents). Data reduction, analysis, and reporting of frequency distributions, curve fitting, correlation, estimation, and hypothesis testing on evidence from one, two, and three or more samples and from factorial designs including interaction. (MQR)