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Psychology Department Registration For Fall 2023

Where to Register:

Self-register via CUNYFirst.

Before Registration:

Check your CUNYFirst Account for:

  • Your appointment date & time.
  • Make sure to remove ALL holds prior to your registration date.
  • Know which group you belong to. Note that when calculating your credits, both earned and in- progress credits should be included.

Registration Starting Dates:

Group Starting Date
*** Special groups registration (see below) Monday, March 20th
Senior and Graduate (Degree-Seeking) Registration Monday, March 27th
Junior and 2nd BA Degree Students Tuesday, March 28th
Sophomore Registration Wednesday, March 29th
Freshman Registration Thursday, March 30th
New Freshman, Transfers and Visiting, and all Non-Degree Registration Monday, April 3rd
Senior Citizen Registration Tuesday, August 22

Please note for 213W and Adv Experimental courses:

We will open limited seats in 213W and Adv Exp courses for “Special Group” Senior students (only 15 seats per section).  Courses that ‘close’ at 15 students will REOPEN on Senior Registration Date (Monday, March 27th) with the remaining seats. Junior Majors will not be able to enroll for 213W or Adv Exp until March 28th.  Seniors will go first. Thank you for your understanding.

 Registration for 213W and Adv Exp (311-321) is limited to Senior & Junior Declared Psych Majors. Non-majors are welcome to register to any remaining seats left, 2 weeks prior to the start of classes.

Tips for Registration

Due to the popularity of our courses, getting into Psychology courses can be challenging. For this reason, we suggest three things:

  • Register via CUNYfirst, as early as you possibly can.
  • If a course you want is closed, search for and seriously consider alternatives.
  • Do not assume you can be over-tallied into a closed course just because your graduation will be otherwise delayed.

If You Can’t Register in a Class:

All Registrations should be done by students via their CUNYFirst accounts. However, if you run into problems, we are here to help.

  • For general assistance, email the virtual Psych Department at:
  • To make a Registration Request (enrollment is not guaranteed), use this link:

“Special Group” registrants- Note our “Seniors only” priority registration policy.

If your enrollment date is scheduled prior to March 27th as a member of the following groups (Veterans, Macaulay Honors College, SEEK, Honors and Scholarships, HMNS, Athletics, Special Services, Student

Ambassadors and Leaders) please respect the “Senior Majors only” priority registration rules for 213W and Adv Exp which are intended to help ensure that graduating seniors get their final classes.

Policy on double-registrations for Psych 311- Psych 321

Please do not register for multiple Advanced Experimental (AE) courses. We will check for double registrations and when we find students registered for two AE courses, we will drop them from both without contacting them. You cannot ’save seats.’ The penalty for doing so is being dropped from both and put at the back of the queue.

Class Format

Students are advised to check the course format, including class notes, very carefully when registering. Psychology dept has returned to primarily in-person instruction and will offer only a limited number of online-only courses.  Psychology Courses will be offered in the following formats:

  • In Person: All required class meetings occur on QC campus, during scheduled class meeting times. Please be reminded that CUNY has mandated that all students taking in-person or hybrid courses are required to be vaccinated or have an approved medical or religious exemption.
  • Online synchronous: This course will be completely online but will include real-time synchronous lectures/discussions with students. Students must commit to scheduled class times. All meetings will be done virtually, at the date and time scheduled in CUNYFirst.
  • Online asynchronous: This course will require the student to engage in self-guided instructions scheduled by the instructor and will not include live lectures. Asynchronous class meetings do not require you to log in to your virtual classroom at a specified time.
  • Online Mix: Classes offer a combination of online synchronous meetings and asynchronous online work.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid courses will involve both in-person and online/remote participation and the in-person participation is mandatory. The relative proportion of in-person and remote is determined by each individual course depending upon what is appropriate for teaching that course.
  • Hyflex: Some in-person courses may have a Hyflex (hybrid flexible) option, allowing students to choose their format (in person or online synchronous). Courses with this option will be noted in the schedule of classes but listed as in person.