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2023 Awards for Graduating Psychology Majors

The Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick LeMay Memorial Scholarship:  For a student of junior standing who demonstrates academic excellence.

Winner: Orel Saiedian. Orel Saiedian is a Psychology major with a minor in BALA. Once Orel graduates, she hopes to go from being a Behavior Technician to becoming a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst.

The Gregory Razran Award: For the highest Psychology GPA and an overall GPA of at least 3.50.

Winner: Alexandra Goldblatt. Alexandra is graduating with honors in Psychology and also majoring in Neuroscience. She volunteers at the Queens Public Library and at New York-Presbyterian Queens. During her time at QC, Alexandra worked in Dr. Dennehy’s lab modeling the transmission of Covid-19 in built environments and studying strategies for treating biofilm forming pathogens using bacteriophages. Alexandra’s goal is to become a physician.

The Harold Schuckman Memorial Award: For a student who will be attending a graduate program in Psychology.

Winner: Eric Friedlander. Eric graduates with Honors in Psychology. Throughout his time at Queens College, he was involved in various non-profit organizations that worked with children diagnosed with chronic and terminal illnesses. Eric has also been involved in numerous psychology clubs and the undergraduate psychology committee. His future goals are to work with parents and children going through a divorce and other family reorganizations. In the fall, Eric begins the doctoral program in School-Community Psychology at Hofstra University.

The Thomas E. Frumkes Award: For excellence in Psychological research.

Winner: Rachel Pines. Rachel graduates as a Neuroscience and Biology major with minors in Chemistry, Psychology, and Health Sciences. She has studied genetic variances that can be implicated in obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic dysfunctions. This research yielded three journal publications and presentations at local and national conferences. She was also the president of QC multiple clubs and is a recipient of the Judge Charles Colden Award recognizing high standards in scholarship and contributions to the college. Rachel is applying to Medical School to pursue a career as a physician.

The Wilma A. Winnick Award: For a student who has made substantive contributions to the Psychology department.

Winner: Edwin Tellez. Edwin graduates with honors in Psychology and a minor in student personnel. He volunteered in pediatrics and assisted in running the Undergraduate Committee for psychology students whose aim is to make psychology resources more available to students during their undergraduate experience. After graduation, Edwin intends to pursue studies in social work.

The John V. Conti Award: For a student who will be attending a graduate program in psychology or a related profession.

WinnerKefira Carvey. Kefira graduates as a QC and science honors student. She was the vice-president of the QC Red Cross club and assisted in various research studies on social anxiety, psychosis and PMDD. She will be presenting her research on autistic traits and social anhedonia at the APS Convention this spring. Kefira currently interns at AHRC NYC, an organization devoted to providing care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This fall, Kefira will be attending the Behavior Analysis MA program at Queens College.

The Mitchell L. Kietzman Award: For excellence in Psychological research.

Winner: Jordan Dickson.  Jordan is a double major in Psychology and English and a double minor in Sociology and Student Counseling and Services. She was as a peer advisor for the Psychology department, a peer counselor, and she worked in the Frese Hall counseling center. Jordan was also a teaching assistant and trained prospective peer counselors. Currently, she is doing neuropsychological research on Fragile X Permutation, and hopes to eventually pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

The Max and Edith Weiner Award: For work with Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Winner: Melissa Pocsai. Melissa is a fourth-year doctoral student in Clinical Neuropsychology at Queens College. She works under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Foldi in the Neuropsychology Laboratory of Aging and Dementia. Melissa’s research interests include understanding brain-behavior relationships in the risk and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. She seeks to integrate clinical, neural, and cognitive-behavioral mechanisms of psychopathology to develop more sensitive and specific tests for dementia diagnosis. Melissa intends to use this award to expand her knowledge and to network with others who support those afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease. Melissa looks forward to bridging her research and clinical interests as she begins her next clinical externship this summer in Neurology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

The Arthur A. Witkin Award: For a student who has done well in the field of Psychology and plans to attend a graduate program in Psychology.

Winner: Elizabeth Yakubova. During her undergrad career, Elizabeth volunteered in the Queen’s College Psychological Clinic as a patient simulator and now assists with research at the Fragile X Premutation and Child Development Study Lab. She plans to continue her pursuit of a graduate degree in clinical psychology.

The Daniel V. Caputo Award: For a student who is committed to pursuing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.

Winner: Aliya Persaud. Aliya is a first generation graduate who is passionate about pursuing a career in clinical psychology. Her ultimate goal is to improve the lives of BIPOC individuals by normalizing therapy and providing meaningful education and assistance. Despite her rigorous academic schedule, she also works full-time as a Certified Lead Pharmacy Technician and volunteers at Mount Sinai’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic. This fall, she will begin the PsyD program in Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

The William N. Schoenfeld Award: For the second highest Psychology GPA and an overall GPA of at least 3.50.

Winner: Joscelyn Mercado. Joscelyn graduates with honors in Psychology. During her time at Queens College, Joscelyn worked with children with Developmental Disabilities. When not attending classes, Joscelyn continues to pursue her passion by working with two little girls, one with a developmental disability. This has given Joscelyn the opportunity to expand her knowledge and experience by interacting routinely with families, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. After graduation, Joscelyn plans to expand on her passion of working with children.

The Dr. Andrea Li Memorial Award: For a student who has demonstrated excellence in psychological research and has served the college and/or community.

Winner: Noshin Azimi. Noshin double majored in Elementary Education and Psychology, and graduated summa cum laude. She has worked intensively with researchers to find more effective support and instruction for struggling readers in the CUNY Research Foundation. Noshin also demonstrated excellence in applying ABA methods in instructing children with ASD. Her next step is to become a certified teacher in the GSLIS Master of Library Science Program.

The Sara Mayes and Phyllis Glanz Endowed Fellowship for Alzheimer‘s Disease Research: For a graduate and doctoral student pursuing research on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Winner: Vivian Quynh Nhu Chu. Vivian is a third-year doctoral student specializing in neuropsychology in the Clinical Psychology program at Queens College. Under the mentorship of Dr. Nancy Foldi in the Neuropsychology Laboratory of Aging and Dementia, Vivian is investigating the relationship between specific cognitive and biological markers that are sensitive to preclinical Alzheimer’s disease. Vivian’s clinical interests include administering neuropsychological tests to assess the cognitive and functional abilities of older adults across the aging spectrum. Vivian looks forward to advancing her clinical competencies at her clinical externship this summer at Columbia University Irving Medical Center where she will participate in the neuropsychological care of adults and older adults.

The Lakowitz Clinical Psychology Prize: For under-represented students who participate in the QCPC undergrad volunteer program.

Winner: Natalia Mejia. Natalia is a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business and Liberal Arts. She plans to attend a master’s program in neuroscience after graduation and aspires to continue a research career specializing in neuropsychology.

Winner: Steven Zamora-Romero. Steven is a double major in neuroscience and psychology. He was involved in research focusing on the underlying neural mechanisms of working memory. As a student veteran he interned at the Queens College Psychological Center where he participated in the patient simulation program, and co-led a workshop series for the local geriatric population. This fall Steven hopes to start the masters program in Mental Health Counseling at Queens College.

2023 Honors in Psychology

Kayla Abraham Rebecca Elman Abie Lieber Kamana Raut
Abram Abramov Nathalie Elugo Shayna Lieberman Christina Rhim
Jasmine Acosta Panayiota Eracleous Stephanie Liriano Simon Riera
Fawad Ahmad Sarah Feder Bianca Llivicota Sara Ringel
Talya Alexander Jade Feldman Justin Loja Amanda Riobo
David Allayev Eric Friedlander Deidre Long Nicolle Rodriguez
Melina Almonte Jayde Fuentes Tanisha Lopez Santos Maro Rodriguez
Ashley Alvarez Abraham Fuzaylov Ian Lorand Jailene Rojas
Lesly Amaro Jackeline Gallardo Kristine Lui Melissa Roth
Hanane Ammari Nicole Girani Israa Maarouf Morgane Rothschild
April Andrickson Olivia Gluck Jonathan Matatov Lauren Roz
Donna Arnow Nora Golbari Sarah Matayev Rebecca Russo
Rachel Aron Alexandra Goldblatt Shauntae McLeod Tania Sajjad
Sadia Ashfaq Gavriella Goldsmith Patrick McTiernan Shyma Salim
Joaddan Aurelien Jennifer Gomes Rohit Mehandru Vanessa Sanchez
Mary Avezov Paola Gonzalez Taina Mejia Gabriela Sanchez
Warda Azhar Michael Gonzalez Rachel Menashy Angela Sanchez
Noshin Azimi Zahava Graff Richard Mendoza Natalie Sandoval
Nicole Aziz Nisha Gurung Joscelyn Mercado Stacy Santana
Sandra Bala Rebecca Harooni Paulina Metel Eleni Savidis
Jenica Banarsi Lamia Hauter Carmela Miller Christina Sayedarous
Romaissae Barakat Daniela He Zheng Eliana Millstone Vincent Scandul
Natalie Barone Sarita Heller Marufa Mim Emily Scarpati
Arlene Barzola Eliana Hernandez Shira Mirzakandov Giancarlo Schimmenti
Sharmila Basdeo Kelly Herrera Boguslaw Mitrega Talia Schlesinger
Frank Basile Emily Hinck Ayelet Monas Yakira Schreiber
Fenton Beharry Cailyn Hinds Angelica Morales Garcia Julia Schwartz
Yasmin Ben-Yosef Jenna Horan Carla Moraly Asma Shah
Hila Bessalely Monica Hsu Magelyn Morillo Nazra Siddiqui
Laura Beylus Vina Hsu Hannah Mulligan Aliza Siegman
Tausif Bhuiyan Ruqayya Husain Priscila Munoz Anmolveer Singh
Jonathan Bick John Isaac William Murphy Akashdeep Singh
Karen Biderman Simona Iskander Hanna Musheyeva Tiffany Singh
Stephanie Bisram Tasnim Islam Ismita Nadia Celine Singh
Anupama Biswas Courtney Isler Nataniel Natanov Sierra Slotnick
Rebecca Boczko Elisheva Ismach Edwin Navarrete Tellez Theresa Spivey
Ayala Bodenheim Leora Itzkowitz Jessica Ng Sarah Subhag
Ashley Bogats Daniel Jaimes M A Niloy Tanzila Sultana
Yehonatan Borochov Raheema Javid Nicole Nino de Guzman Joselle Sunico
Tamara Borukhova Elisha Jean Tasneem Nishat Alexandra Tawil
Eve Breier Bisma Jilani Michelle Nnebe Nadira Tilhoo
Stephanie Bustamante Saba Jobah Sauda Noor Sophia Topalis
Monica Caesar Thania Jonas Yaninza Ochoa Yael Torczyner
Arlyn Canario Feliz Reubena Kaidanian Etan Ohevshalom Gerdjana Toussaint
RosaLydia Caputo Abigail Kaminetsky Leah Oppenheim Priscilla Trieu
Celeste Case Renida Kasa Anna Ostrow Chinenye Ubani
Kayla Castellanos Rachel Katz Kristina Pachshenko Courtney Umana
Jazmin Castro Virpal Kaur Jamely Pacurucu Elaine Vega
Ashley Chang Allison Keane Andreana Panayiotou Nalya Veloz
Claudia Chavarria Sofia Keshawarz Joyana Papagianopoulos Constantina Venetis
Evelyn Chiu Leora Khaimov Marina Pappas Carla Vicuna
Masheya Choudhury Milana Khaimova Jiyoon Park Ariella Wang
Laura Chumpitaz Sabina Khalikov Nima Patel Esther Weiss
Tuan Chung Salma Khan Kashawn Paternella Samantha Wengrofsky
Yeenita Chunilall Meral Khan Dayanna Patino James Wertman
Alannagh Ciliberti Junie Kim Keziah Persaud Maya Wind
Shira Cohen Daniel Kim Samantha Persaud Margalit Winiarsky
Katie Cortes Jaclyn Korman Krisza Phanartzis Jessica Wong
Paola Cortes Nicole Kuliyev Ezra Pierre-Antoine Jason Wong
Stephanie Cruz Anmol Kumar Brianna Pillaga Cindy Xie
Nathaniel Daniel Victoriya Kushmakova Rachel Pines Chao Xu
Ambika Darnley Rose-Ericka Laurent Jillian Mae Prego Katy Xu
Kennedy Davis-Nealy Ethan Lavi Michele Radparvar Esther Yakubov
Maxwell Davydov Elaine Lee Menuka Rai Devorah Yonk
Arash Deep Aviva Leibowitz Karen Ramales Sirat Zafar
Edwin Delgado Cindy Lema Latchmie Ramjit Jingyu Zhang
Shmuel Dickel Alexandra Lesser Liliana Ramos Wen Zheng
Jordan Dickson Allison Levin Zainab Rasheed Yuerong Zhou
Stephanie Dunson Jiaxin Li Priya Rattu Adam Zussman