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The minimum requirements for applying to the Applied Behavior Analysis Program are:

  1. An undergraduate overall GPA greater than 3.00
  2. At least 15 credits of undergraduate psychology courses including Experimental Psychology and Statistics or their equivalents.
  3. At least one undergraduate class broadly related to ABA, such as learning, behavior modification, developmental disabilities, or behavior analysis.
  4. GRE scores are no longer required for admission.
  5. You will need to write a 500-word personal essay and submit 3 letters of recommendation, two of which should be from instructors.

Apply Here

**please note: the program code for the ABA MA is 305

Graduate Admissions


(718) 997- 3294 
Sally Izquierdo, Director

Application Deadlines

May 1 for ABA MA
May 1 for ABA AC