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The application deadline for the ABA MA program is May 1st.  

The ABA MA program is registered as a licensure qualifying program with New York State (Licensure is in accordance with Subpart 79-17 of the New York State Commissioner’s Regulations. Applicants must meet additional requirements outlined by NYS Education Law Title VIII, Article 167 and Commissioner’s Regulation Subpart 79-17).

Our curriculum is also pre-approved by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) as a verified course sequence (VCS) for the 4th and 5th edition task lists.

All students must complete all required courses below (A) and 9 credits of elective courses (B). Students can opt to either also complete the comprehensive exam (C) OR a thesis project (D).

Curriculum for BACB Task List 5 and NYS requirements

A) 30 credits of required courses (each course is worth 3 credits):

  • 705.00: Statistical Methods in Psychology I
  • 720.05: Autism OR PSY 791.3 Special Topics: Autism Treatment
  • 730.00: Psychology of Learning
  • 730.01: Theory and Method in Applied Behavior Analysis I
  • 730.05: Applied Behavior Analysis: Measurement and Applied Project I
  • 730.02: Theory and Method in Applied Behavior Analysis II
  • 730.06: Applied Behavior Analysis: Measurement and Applied Project II
  • 795.00: Fieldwork Project in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • 771.3: Ethical Issues in Psychology
  • 791.3: Record Keeping

B) 9 Credits of Elective courses from the following list: (each course is worth 3 credits)

Applied Behavior Analysis Electives

  • 720.01: Developmental Disabilities I
  • 720.02: Developmental Disabilities II
  • 720.03: Behavioral Intervention in Developmental Disabilities
  • 720.04: Behavioral Analysis of Child Development
  • 730.04: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis

Other Electives (maximum of 6 credits allowed from this list)

  • 700.00 History of Psychology
  • 708.10 Basic Neuroscience: Neuroanatomy
  • 708.40: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • 720.00: Developmental Psychology
  • 746.00: Social Psychology
  • 755.00: Psychopathology
  • 760.00: Psychometric Methods
  • 791.30: various topics

C) Comprehensive Exams & Thesis  

Qualifying Students may have the option to complete a 3 or 6-credit thesis to substitute for a portion of the elective course.


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Sally Izquierdo, Director

Application Deadlines

May 1 for ABA MA
May 1 for ABA AC