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Transfer Students

Course Evaluations

All initial evaluations for transfer credits (in any discipline, including Psychology) are completed by the Transfer Unit of Admissions and posted to the transfer credit report in the student record in CUNYfirst. Course equivalencies for students transferring from other CUNY schools can also be publicly viewed through CUNY Transfer Explorer

For general information about transferring credits, please visit Transfer Admissions

For problems with the transfer of Psychology credits AFTER the initial evaluation, please use the form: Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.  ( IMPORTANT: you must use your CUNY login credentials to access the form)

NOTE: Please check on CUNYFirst (Student Center) that the initial evaluation has been completed before submitting the form.

For transfer students that need assistance or approval for pre-requisite courses not taken at CUNY, please complete the Special Registration Request Form that can be found here.

Common transfer issues for Psychology courses include:

  • PSYCH 499: If a credit has been evaluated as PSYCH 499, it will not count towards the psychology major/minor. We recommend using the form: Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.
  • PSYCH 101: Incoming students may receive credit for PSYCH 101 by obtaining either a grade of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Psychology Examination. Incoming students must send an official copy of their AP exam report to the QC Undergraduate Admissions Office. Incoming students may receive credit for PSYCH 101 by obtaining a grade of 55 or higher on the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) examination. Once a student is enrolled at Queens College, they may not use the CLEP exam as a substitute for PSYCH 101.
  • Requirements within the major (especially, PSYCH 107.1, 107.3, 213w) that were taken at another school.

Additional Semesters in Residence

Many transfer students come in as lower juniors. Because the requirements for a psychology major require four courses which can not be taken concurrently, and because transfer students in their first semester register last and thus can rarely get into a required course, transfer students are advised that it may be necessary to spend one or two additional semesters on campus to complete all the required courses.

Education Co-Majors

Education co-majors are particularly affected by this situation. Education co-majors should be aware that because the Ed department requires them to complete coursework before their “professional year”, it may be necessary to spend one or two additional semesters to satisfy the coursework requirement in their co-major.

Graduation Procedures

Transfer students should be sure that they give the registrar a copy of their completed course evaluation form within the first semester of taking courses at Queens. This step will greatly facilitate the final approval of your course credits for graduation.