Advanced Graduate
Certification Program in
Earth Science

Advanced Graduate Certification Program in Earth Science

The Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Earth Science is designed to provide Grade 8–12 teachers with the broad background necessary to teach Regents Earth Science. It is intended primarily for teachers who are already licensed in another science and have therefore completed their required pedagogy courses. The Program covers the Regents Earth Science Core Curriculum in six courses (20 credits), two more than the minimum required for state certification.

Requirements for Matriculation:
Teachers matriculate directly into the Advanced Certificate Program and pay CUNY graduate tuition.

Applicants must submit a copy of their current teaching certification to demonstrate appropriate pedagogy background.

Program Requirements:
Candidates for the Advanced Certificate must complete the following courses with a grade of B or better:

  • Geol 501: Earth Composition and Earth Processes (4 cr.)
  • Geol 502: Earth History and the Fossil Record (3 cr.)
  • Geol 520: Meteorology (3 cr.)
  • Geol 521: Oceanography (3 cr.)
  • Geol 522: Applied Geological Reasoning:Geology of New York State (3 cr.)
  • Astr 501: Astronomy (4 cr.)

Globe Certification Program

Consolidated Edison-Queens College.
Globe NY MetroGlobal Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment

GLOBE is a K-12th program to improve science education by involving students and their teachers in world-wide research examining long-term global change. We train teachers to provide authentic, inquiry-based science education for their students. In addition to GLOBE teacher training workshops, GLOBE NY Metro directs Into the Woods and the Metropolitan Alliance.

For further information, visit the Queens College GLOBE website.