Monarch Butterfly Migration Map

​Journey North and Journey South

Join students, communities, and scientists across North America to report your Monarch butterfly sightings and monitor Monarch migrations north and south each year. Sightings are reported on the program’s real-time maps and help to inform conservation efforts to protect this species.​ Each of the Metropolitan Monarch Alliance Partner Organizations​​ are planting milkweed and facilitating Journey North Citizen Science programs across NYC.

​Monarch migration is one of the wonders of the animal kingdom. These fragile creatures travel thousands of miles and the full migration cycle from Mexico to northern New England and back takes four generations, with each generation travelling to areas they have never seen before.

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

Join students and scientists across North America to monitor Monarch habitats for milkweeds, eggs, and caterpillars to help better us better understand how and why monarch populations vary over space and time and to inform Monarch conservation efforts. Attend a Training Workshop​, or see Monarch Larva Monitoring Project’s Online Training​ to get started.