SEES Club of Queens College

The SEES Club (E-251) is an on-campus organization run by students of the School of Earth and Environmental Science here at Queens College. Our aim is to bring together a community of students that have similar interests and aspirations so that we may create a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. Our goals include becoming more active in the college’s community, volunteering for causes related to our interests, organizing trips, building a strong network between our members, and (most importantly) having a good time! We care about the Earth, the environment, and all things science!

Gabriela Camacho


“Hello! My name is Gabriela Camacho, I am an environmental science major and a senior at Queens. From Dance teams to advocacy clubs, I have been involved and active at Queen’s college since the beginning of my college education. This semester I am the President of the SEES club and I am excited to get to know you all and talk about our upcoming events.I am also working as a lab research assistant with Professor Bracco so  please reach out to me if you have any questions about Environmental science and how to be active at Queens College.”

 Tasfia Zaman

 Vice President


“Hello! I am a senior at Queens College, and my major is environmental science. I am passionate about the environment and the community at Queens College. I am a peer mentor for ENSCI 100 and am working as a geochemistry research assistant for the SEES department. I am also the undergraduate representative for SEES, so please contact me if there’s anything I can do to help your educational journey through QC!”

Rylee Heisler


Hi! I’m Rylee I’m a senior at QC, and the secretary for the sees club. My major is environmental science. I am also a peer mentor for ensci 100.”

Diego Then 

“Hi, my name is Diego; I am an Environmental Science major. This semester I am the treasurer of the SEES club. This is my second semester here at QC, so if you need anyone to talk to, reach out, I am here for you. I’ve been an active advocate for Latino youth for the past few years, so if you struggle with any of your classes I can help you out whenever. Hope you have a great year with us!”