GLOBE NY Metro has scheduled two teacher trainings for the Spring/Summer 2011 season.

Training includes a three-day workshop leading to GLOBE certification, followed by two separate days to complete the Hydrology and Land Use protocols.

Three-day GLOBE initial certification workshop includes:

Atmosphere, seasonal change, soil protocols

Earth Systems Science

GPS use

GLOBE Database entry and retrieval

GLOBE Website navigation

Inquiry-based student research

Follow this link for more information about teacher training workshops.

Seats are always filling fast. To apply for one of the workshops, download and fill out a GLOBE teacher/school data form.


GLOBE teacher certification can be obtained through 3-day GLOBE Workshops or through credit-bearing GLOBE courses at our three training centers.

To register for GLOBE workshops:
Log onto to the GLOBE website ( > For Teachers >Workshop Registration. Select a workshop from the list of workshops in New York City and fill out the pop-up form. Your registration will be acknowledged within two days and you will receive detailed instructions for the workshop two weeks before the session..

For GLOBE courses contact:
Queens College: Dr. Allan Ludman
Mr. Peter Schmidt

Brooklyn College:
Dr. Ellie Miele

Dr. Federica Raia
Mr. Greg Borman


This training format includes an initial three-day workshop at which teachers receive official GLOBE certification and train in three of the five protocol areas,  and  two additional days of training in the Hydrology and Land Cover protocols.

Day 1


  • Pick up materials, register
  • Introduction to the GLOBE Program

Learning Activity: Just Passing Through

  • Earth Systems Science
  • Seasonal Change Protocols
  • Which thermometer is the right thermometer?
  • Atmosphere protocols and background
  • GPS theory and practice
  • GLOBE atmosphere measurements

Summary and group designation

Day 2

Review: Atmosphere learning activities

Laboratory and Outdoors:

  • Pedagogy and Soil Protocols
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil site definition
  • Soil characterization
  • Prepare samples for lab work

Computer Laboratory:

  • Introduction to the GLOBE website
  • How to enter data
  • Entering weather data
  • Exploring the GLOBE website

Preliminary exercises Summary: Questions and Answers

Day 3

Questions and Answers: Science Building Lobby


  • Soils Data Entry
  • Using the GLOBE Website to stimulate student inquiry

Computer Laboratory:

  • Phenology protocols
  • Website Practicum – data reporting and analysis

GLOBE Certificate Exercise: Science Building Lobby

  • Participants receive GLOBE Teacher Certificates
  • Each participating School receives GLOBE Science Instrument Kits
  • Each participating School receives School ID and PIN


Morning: Report of application of GLOBE training to date

  • data submitted to GLOBE data archive by participants’ students
  • problems and solutions
  • suggestions for improved application

Introduction to Hydrology protocols

Lunch: Questions and answers
Afternoon: Hydrology field site

  • Site definition and mapping
  • Water turbidity
  • Water temperature
  • Water pH

Laboratory: Enter hydrology data in GLOBE database.

Day 5 

Morning: Report on application of GLOBE training to date:

  • data submitted to GLOBE
  • data archive by participants’
  • students problems and solutions suggestions for improved application

Introduction to Land Cover protocol

  • Modified UNESCO classification
  • Analysis of LANDSAT imagery

Afternoon: Land cover field exercise