Into the Woods Library Loan

Available Upon Request at Peter Schmidt’s Office – Queens Hall 258A

Collection: Augers, Soil Corers, Trowels, Collection Pans
Field Analysis: Spray bottles, Soil thermometers, HCl Vials
Class Analysis: Seives, Munsel Color Charts, Bug Boxes
Soil Chemistry: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Chemets Test Kits

Phenology (Green-up/Green-down)
Green-up/Green-down Field Guide
Dichotomous Tree Identification Keys/Tree Books
Rulers (with milimeter marks)
Compasses, GPS units

Collection: Dip-nets, Collection Pans
Field Analysis: Secchi Disks, Bug Boxes
Class Analysis: Microscopes, Pond Life Books
Water Chemistry: Dissolved Oxygen Kit, Nutrients, pH test strips

Field Analysis: Cloud ID Chart, Soil Thermometers
Class Analysis: Sling psychrometer, Earth Climate System Posters
Weather Station: Max/Min Air Temp Thermometers, Barometers

Magic Circles
Collection Pans
Bug Boxes
Magnifying Lenses
Brock Microscopes
Flora & Fauna ID Books
Dichotomous Keys
GPS Units
Clip Boards
Infrared Thermometers