Requirements for Matriculation (in addition to the College requirements for admission)

  • Residence: A minimum of two full semesters, and 18 credits of coursework in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College.
  • Satisfactory completion of the following curriculum of coursework: A minimum total of 30 credits in graduate geology courses (700 or higher), including a thesis. Individual programs are organized to permit specialization in most areas of geology and related earth sciences. Unless they have an undergraduate geology major, students must take Geology 701 and Geology 702 during their first year.
  • A student’s advisory committee, established in the first year, must approve his/her individualized course of study. At the discretion of the committee and the Graduate Advisor, courses in other science departments may be included in the course of study.
  • Thesis: The thesis problem and mentor must be approved by the Departmental Graduate Committee, which will also certify the acceptance of the completed thesis.
  • Upon receipt of confirmation from the student’s Advisory Committee that the program of study, thesis and thesis defense have been completed, the Graduate Advisor will certify to the Office of Graduate Studies that the student is qualified to receive her/his degree.

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Gregory O’Mullan
Phone: 718-997-3452

All students are required to apply on-line