Requirements for Matriculation (in addition to the College requirements for admission)

  • Residence: A minimum of two full Semesters, and 18 credits of coursework in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College.
  • Satisfactory completion of the following curriculum of coursework: 30 credits, and a 6 credit internship. In exceptional cases, some courses may be waived because of transfer credits or professional experience. In addition, unless they have an undergraduate geology major, students must take Geology 701 and Geology 702 during their first year.

Environmental Geosciences Core Courses:
GEOL 745: Hydrology or GEOL 746 Groundwater Hydrology
GEOL 762: Shallow Subsurface Geophysics
GEOL 763: Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 760: Environmental Geochemistry
Environmental Geosciences Methods Courses:
GEOL 761: Field Methods in Hydrology
GEOL 767: Field Techniques in Environmental Sciences
GEOL 766: Analytical Techn. in Env. Geosciences
Three Elective courses from among the following, to which others may be added:
GEOL 742: Stratigraphy
GEOL 750: Environmental Geology
GEOL 747: Coastal and Estuarine Geology
GEOL 768: Soils, Wetlands and Bioremediation
GEOL 764: Contaminant Hydrogeology
GEOL 765: Surficial Processes

    •  InternshipGEOL 788.6 Cooperative Education Placement – this semester or summer-long internship is in lieu of a thesis project and must be arranged with an organization, firm or agency in which hands-on experience is obtained. A program of internship work must be approved by the departmental internship committee and representative(s) of the internship organization. A substantive final report must be prepared and presented by the student.
    • Certification: The student’s advisors shall oversee the internship work and shall certify to the Office of Graduate Studies the satisfactory completion of all academic requirements for the Master of Science degree by the candidate.


    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Gregory O’Mullan
    Phone: 718-997-3452

    All students are required to apply on-line