Advanced Placement (AP)

CUNY Advanced Placement Policy

At its June 26, 2017 meeting, the CUNY Board of Trustees approved a resolution to revise the University’s policy on the awarding of academic credit for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations administered by the College Board. This memo seeks to clarify and refine some important aspects of this policy revision to improve operations and transparency. The intent of the resolution was to have CUNY’s AP policy align with state and national standards and practice regarding awarding of credit for AP test scores of 3 and above while preserving faculty/departmental discretion regarding the
particular courses for which credit is awarded.

To align with common practice, all CUNY colleges shall grant academic credits to any student earning a score of 3 or higher on any AP examination. The colleges, in consultation with faculty in the discipline corresponding to the individual AP exams, shall determine how those credits are applied to the degree.

The college can award credits as:

    • The equivalent of a specific course, or
    • As fulfilling a general education category, or
    • As elective credits.

Following campus governance procedures, colleges should examine all AP courses and determine the appropriate course equivalencies for scores of 3 and above. Such course equivalencies should be in place and made available to students seeking accurate credit transfer information on your college web site prior to Fall 2018.

For AP courses without an equivalency, the college Transfer Credit Evaluators will make a determination. Students are entitled to this information when making decisions regarding college choice. Course details on each of the AP courses offered by the College Board is available here:

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