Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Admissions | Application

How big is Queens College?

Queens College is a tree-lined 80-acre campus with roughly 18,000 students (15,000 undergraduates and 3,000 graduate students).

What makes Queens College standout?

Not only will you receive an affordable education, but you will also interact with faculty that has experience working in the related subject fields. We are a true representation of Queens as a borough and the diversity throughout.

How do I apply?

You can apply directly online by visiting and clicking apply now!

What are the deadlines?

Our priority application deadline is February 1st. After February 1st, we still accept applications on a rolling basis.

What are the admissions requirements?

We look at students in a holistic sense and take all factors into consideration, but our general requirements can be found by clicking the link below
Apply Page

How do I submit my documents to apply?

Electronic transcripts can be received from high school counselors. SAT scores can be retrieved electronically as well. Please view the link below:
CUNY Admissions

What are my next steps after accepting my decision?

We see immense potential in you as a student and are excited to see you attend and succeed. Your very first step would be to accept your offer at Queens College. When given the prompts for a commitment deposit, you can follow the steps given to submit your deposit online. First-Year students can visit the link below for information after your deposit is submitted:
Know B4U Go

Can I defer my decision?

Yes, first-year freshmen students can choose to defer their decision for a year.

What is the commitment deposit for?

The commitment deposit is used to reserve your seat at Queens College and is credited toward your tuition.

When is the commitment deposit due?

For general admissions, the current deadline for commitment deposits is May 1st.

How do I make a commitment deposit?

Log in to your CUNY first account and go to “student center”, view details for Queens College, and then click “I accept the offer”. From there you can click “make payment”.

I have paid my commitment deposit but have not received anything since. What do I do?

You should receive an email invite to schedule a freshman orientation. If you do not receive any email about freshman orientation within two weeks of paying your commitment deposit, please email us at

What technology accounts will I need to activate?

You will need the following accounts while a student at Queens College; CUNY First, QC Navigate, CAMS, and Office 365.
Please ensure you activate these accounts before your virtual freshman session.
If you have any difficulties, please get in touch with the Help Desk via phone, email, or live chat support. Queens College Help Desk 

Can I defer my Macaulay Honors College acceptance?

You can defer your Macaulay Honors College acceptance for up to one year.

If I get offered the Queens College Scholars program, can I defer that offer?

You cannot defer the offer of the Queens College Scholars. If you do decide to defer your acceptance to Queens College, your offer of Scholars will be put back in the pool. You should contact in the office of Honors and Scholars upon your return and inquire about your initial offer of Scholars.

What is First Year Experience (FYE)?

First Year Experience is a peer mentorship program to ensure that new students thrive at QC. FYE curates and develops first-year programming that supports students in successfully developing their academic paths FYE homepage:

Do we need to still submit our immunization records to the Health Services Center?

Below is a link to our health services website, where you can find info on how and where to send your immunization records.
Health Services

How do I enroll in a Summer Course?

Yes, you can get a head start on your Queens College experience and make faster progress towards earning your degree by registering for a course or two this Summer at Queens College! CUNY’s Summer course offerings will be exclusively conducted via a distance education format. Click the link below for registration instructions:
Summer Session

What is QC in 4?

At Queens College, we are committed to providing an educational environment that assures student success. QC in 4 is an exciting program that offers you the tools, resources, and support you need to complete your degree in four years.
Take 15 credits a semester to keep on track to graduate in four years, which will save you time and money! The helpful Academic Program Maps are provided to guide your path to graduation in four years.
QC in 4 Home Page

Financial Aid | Bursar
Merit Based Questions:

How do I access my financial aid award?

You can view your Queens College financial aid package via the Self-Service screen in our CUNYfirst system, which can be accessed by following these steps:

• Sign into your CUNYfirst account

• Click on the Student Center tab

• Go to the Finances Section (below the Academics Section)

• Click on the link View Financial Aid

• Click on the Aid Year you wish to view – Select the 20XX Aid Year

How can I apply for Financial Aid?

At Queens College, we provide opportunities for our students and options for financial assistance. Please see the link below for options that you may be interested in: 
Financial Aid Services 

What scholarships do you offer?

Here at Queens College, we offer as much financial assistance as possible. We have many scholarships and awards that we provide students. Feel free to explore your options from the links below:

How much is tuition?

Full-time students who are NY state residents pay a flat fee of $6,930 per year to attend Queens College. A full-time student is a student enrolled in between 12-18 credits per semester. Out of State residents pay $620 per credit to attend Queens College.

The link below offers more specific information about tuition:

Bursar Office – Tuition Cost

How do I get in-state tuition?

Please view the requirements below:
A US Citizen; or a Permanent Resident, or in a qualifying Immigration Status AND has continuously resided in the State of NY for 12 months immediately preceding the first day of classes AND has a bona fide intent to reside in New York permanently.
Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you may file a residency form along with supporting documents to request your tuition rate be adjusted.

How to get the Excelsior Scholarship?

The Excelsior Scholarship, in combination with other student financial aid programs, allows students to attend a SUNY or CUNY college tuition-free. The program covers tuition for eligible SUNY and CUNY students. For the 2023-24 academic year, families who earned $125,000 or less in the tax year 2021 are eligible to apply.

Visit: Excelsior Scholarship

Queens College
Academic Questions:

What majors do you offer?

QC offers over 70 different Undergraduate Majors. The link provided will lead to the departmental website where you can find more information on the program and the major’s curriculum
Undergraduate Degree Programs

What time of day are classes offered?

At Queens College, we understand that each individual has their own preferred schedule and needs. We have morning classes, afternoon classes, and night classes. We also offer online courses.

What are the most popular majors at Queens College?

We offer many great programs here at Queens College. Our most popular ones include:

What do class sizes look like?

It depends on which class you choose to take. 70% of our classes have fewer than 35 students and we offer selected lectures that are as large as 300 students

Can I double major?

Absolutely. You are required to declare at least one major throughout your college career, but many students choose more than one major. You can also minor in an area you are interested in. A minor requires fewer credits than if you were majoring in that subject. You will be asked to declare a major before you reach your 60th earned credit.

How do I change/declare my major?

If you want to change or declare your major/minor, you can visit QC Hub’s website for the form and speak with the academic department you want to go into for approval. Below is the link for QC Hub’s website where you can locate the form: 
QC Hub Registrar


Will I receive transfer credits for AP and college courses taken during high school?

Yes, we will evaluate your AP courses and any college courses you have previously taken. Credits given for these courses will be posted in your CUNYfirst account before your Academic Advising appointment. Please see below for more information regarding transfer credits:
Transfer Page

How big is the library?

The library has six floors. Each floor identifies the level of volume allowed. This allows space for both students who want to study with groups, and those who want to be alone and study.

Student Life | Athletic

Are there clubs at Queens College?

Yes, we have over 100 clubs to help students connect with each other. Please see the link below for options that may interest you: 
Student Life

How are the food options?

There are several spots on-campus students can eat, including two dining areas, food trucks, nearby eateries, and on-campus kosher options.
Food Services


Do students at Queens College study abroad?

Yes, we provide our students with opportunities to study in several different countries. Please see the link below for more information:
Study abroad

What division is Queens College Athletics?

Division II. A member of the ECC – East Coast Conference. Please see below for more information: Queens Knights

Is there Dorming at Queens College?

The Summit Apartments have a capacity of just over 500 residents.

Located in the heart of the campus, just south of FitzGerald Gymnasium, the low-rise, U-shaped, 506-bed student housing building has three wings of varying stories to complement the heights of the surrounding buildings.

Let’s find your home today! Visit: The Summit Apartments

Student Affairs

How big is the library?

The library has six floors. Each floor identifies the level of volume allowed. This allows space for both students who want to study with groups, and those who want to be alone and study.

Do you have a career office for students?

We do support students who are interested in studying abroad. Our Center for Career Engagement and Internships can be visited by clicking the link below: 
Center for Career Engagement

Do you have an advising office for continuing students?

Yes, at Queens College we help our students succeed by providing them with resources throughout their time here at QC. Please see the link below for more information:
Support Programs

Yeshiva Specific

How many credits can I receive if I attend an accredited college during my gap year in Israel?

If you attend an accredited college like Bar-Ilan or Michlalah, you can receive up to 36 college credits for one year of study, and one semester would be up to 18 credits upon entering Queens College. Students must apply as a transfer student to receive a maximum of 36 credits.

What if I attend a non-accredited seminary during my gap year in Israel?

You can still receive college credits for your seminary schooling. Queens College will grant you up to 18 college credits for your seminary gap year schooling in Israel.

Can you tell me more info about Jewish Life at Queens College?

Jewish Life at Queens College is centered around our vibrant and active Hillel. Please visit our Queens College Hillel website to hear the latest at