​ Maintaining F Visa/Immigration Status

​ Maintaining F Visa/Immigration Status
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Steps for Maintaining F Visa/Immigration Status:

  1. Have F Immigration Status before beginning your program.
  2. Check in with ISSO to verify your F Status at the beginning and end of each semester.
  3. Keep your passport, I-94 and I-20 valid at all times.
  4. Keep your F-1 Immigration Status valid at all times by:
    • Obtaining and maintaining a valid Queens College I-20.
    • Enrolling at Queens College as a full-time student. Part-time status may be authorized due to certain academic reasons or a medical condition.
      – Request part time due to academic reasons- COME TO SEE AN ADVISOR

      Click here to download “Request part time due to medical condition” form

    • As a student, maintain a good grade point average at all times (B average or better for master’s programs, C average or better for bachelor’s programs).
    • Do not work illegally.
    • Receive written travel authorization from your International Students and Scholars advisor at least two weeks before you leave the United States, so that you will be permitted to re-enter the United States following your overseas stay.
    • Enter the U.S with a valid passport, valid I-20 and valid F visa.
    • When you transfer to Queens College, have your previous U.S. institution release your SEVIS I-20/DS 2019 to the Queens College International Students and Scholars Office. (Ask your QC-ISSO advisor about this.) Also see SEVIS I-20 Release Form.
    • Notify the Queens College International Students and Scholars Office within 5 to 7 days after changing your U.S address.