Pathways General Education Appeal Instructions For Transfer Courses

On behalf of the Associate Provost, the director of Academic Advising, Ms. Laura Silverman, vets all appeals for substitutions or waivers of CUNY Pathways General Education requirements.

For CUNY and Queens College Students: Only non-CUNY transferred courses can qualify for an appeal.  Since Pathways is a shared General Education system throughout CUNY, courses come in “pre-tagged” if they satisfy Pathways General Education requirements.  Non-Pathways courses taken at another CUNY institution or at Queens College cannot be appealed to meet Pathways requirements.

For State University of New York (SUNY) Transfer Students: the course must fulfill a SUNY General Education requirement as per the SUNY/CUNY General Education Requirement agreement.  Please review the SUNY General Education dashboard to ensure it fulfilled General Education at a SUNY institution/s:

For non-CUNY or SUNY Transfer Students: Please write up an appeal as to what you are requesting. Again, only courses transferred to Queens College can be appealed. Please be specific. Identify the course/s and the prior institution/s, as well as the credits and grade/s earned. Also include a course description (an attachment or a link to a description on a website is acceptable). If you have a course syllabus, please include that too.   

Explain what you learned and why you believe the course/s you took at your previous institution/s meet the Learning Goals of the CUNY Pathways General Education requirement/s you have identified. See link below for more information on the CUNY Pathways General Education System and the Learning Goals of each requirement. Be sure to reference this information in your appeal.

It is also important to include what the course fulfilled at your prior institution and a link to their General Education system.  Did it fulfill General Education?  A Major requirement?  A minor?  Electives?  A combination of these?

When you have completed your appeal, please email Ms. Silverman at If you have met with another academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center, please copy the advisor’s name and email into your appeal so they can help track the progress.