Safety Guidance

For the Spring 2023 semester, most CUNY courses will be in-person. All students registering for a fully in-person or hybrid class schedule must be fully vaccinated unless they have been granted a religious exception or medical exemption to the vaccine. Students must upload their Covid-19 vaccination documentation in CUNYfirst by January 15, 2023, ten (10) days before classes begin on January 25, 2023. Students will be withdrawn from their Spring 2023 in-person/hybrid courses if they do not meet the guidelines outlined on the CUNY Coronavirus website.   

For additional information, please refer to the QC Semester Guidance – Campus Access and the Student Vaccination Mandate FAQ.

The 1​0 Steps t​o CompleteBefore Your Virtual Transfer Advising Session

1. Spring 2023 Greetings, Transfer Presentation and Registration Toolkit
2. Key Points for a Successful Transfer

Possibly the most important compilation of information for a new transfer! This document contains essential policy information, dates and deadlines, as well as important degree requirements. Be sure to review this document very carefully and be prepared with any questions for your advising appointment.

Key Points for a Successful Transfer Document

Please sign the form to confirm you have read the Key Points.

3. Immunization Records (Student Vaccination and MMR/MEN)


All students registering for a fully in-person or hybrid class schedule must be fully vaccinated unless they have been granted a religious exception or medical exemption to the vaccine. Students must upload their Covid-19 vaccination documentation in CUNYfirst (10) days before Winter & Spring 2023 classes begin. See key deadlines below.

Students will be withdrawn from their in-person/hybrid courses if they do not meet the guidelines outlined on the CUNY Coronavirus website. For more information, please refer to the Student Vaccination Mandate FAQ.

Key Deadlines:

Deadline to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination documents to CUNYfirst

Winter Session: 12/20/2022

Spring Session: 1/15/2023

Dates when students will be dropped for COVID-19 Vaccination Non-Compliance

Winter Session: 12/21/2022 – onward
 Spring Session: 1/16/2023 – onward

Click here for instructions on how to confirm your vaccination status prior to your Transfer Advising Session!


Before submitting your MMR/MEN Immunization Records, login to your CUNYfirst account – Student Service Center and view the holds section. Only students entering Queens College from a high school outside of the NYC DOE must submit their MMR records or one form of Acceptable Proof of Immunity. For a complete list, refer to page one of the Immunization Record form. All students (regardless of age) must complete the meningitis response form. This information can also be self-managed through your CUNYfirst account.

Please note: You may also obtain your immunization records from your high school or other schools you attended. Upload all documents via a secured method in CUNYfirst. Click here for more information. You may also email the Health Services Office at

For all questions and concerns, please visit the

 Health Services Office or email:


4. Claim Your QC Technology Accounts & Update Personal Contact Information

You will need the following accounts as a student at QC.  If you have not already done so, please ensure you activate the following accounts before your virtual Transfer Session. Click Here for a worksheet to help you keep track of your accounts, usernames, and passwords.

1. CAMS (QC Username)

All students entering Queens College must claim their CAMS – QC Username account. Your QC Username account allows you to access the school’s computers, Wi-Fi on campus, obtain your college ID card and more.

To activate CAMS (College Account Management System) visit

Click here for a CAMS video tutorial.

2. CUNYfirst

All students must claim their CUNYfirst account in order to register for classes, view and pay their bills, as well as other services.

To login into CUNYfirst you must include your CUNYfirst credentials: firstname.lastname+last2 digits of your CUNY ID followed by Example:

Click here for a CUNYfirst video tutorial.

3. Office365 – QMail (Your QC Student Email)

After claiming your CUNYfirst account, all students will have access to their Office 365 email account which will be used for all official college correspondences.

Office 365 uses the same username and password as CUNYfirst. You must enter after your username to login. Example:

Click here for a video tutorial on how to Claim Your Office 365 Account.

4. QC Navigate

Login using your CUNYfirst credentials: firstname.lastname+last 2 digits of your CUNY ID (Do not include Example: John.Smith00

Once your CUNYfirst account is set up, you must update your personal information, including your cell phone number and email address. For more information, click here to watch the CUNYfirst Student Center tutorial.

Queens College will use this information to communicate with you, so it is critical that it is updated and available. In the event the College’s communications are filtered to Junk and Spam folders, be sure to check those regularly as well.

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Help Desk. You may also wish to refer to the ITS Solutions.

5. Review Your Transfer Credit Evaluation and the Transfer Explorer (T-Rex)

Access your transfer credit evaluation on CUNYfirst. Be sure to review your transfer credit evaluation before your advising session. Inform your advisor of any in-progress Fall 2022 coursework as well as any courses or tests taken during high school (Advanced Placement, CUNY College Now, etc.).

Prior to meeting with an academic advisor, you can also use the Transfer Explorer (T-Rex) tool to see how your credits will transfer from any CUNY college into Queens. View the T-Rex videos below as a “how-to” guide when using this tool.

6. Review QC Bachelor's Degree Requirements & Prepare for Registration

All students at Queens College must complete the Queens College degree requirements which include the Pathways General Education requirements and a major area of study.

In order to prepare for registration, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with CUNYfirst, General Education choices from the​ Spring 2023 Registration Toolkit, connect with the faculty in your major department via email (visit departmental websites for contact information) and enroll in courses.

You may begin enrolling into courses via CUNYfirst prior to your advising session.  During your session, your advisor will provide you with feedback on your course choices. If you are unfamiliar with CUNYfirst, please refer to the CUNYfirst 9.2 Student Center tutorial for assistance.


7. Get a Head Start on Classes With Summer Sessions!

Transfers may get a head start with Summer 2023 classes!
Summer Sessions are a great way to make progress toward your degree and stay in compliance with NYS TAP (and other Financial Aid) and the NYS Excelsior Scholarship!

2023 Summer Session Dates
Take up to a maximum of 15 credits
Summer Session 1 – (4 Weeks) │June 5 to June 29
Summer Session 2 – (4 Weeks) │July 5 to July 31
Summer Session 3 – (6 Weeks) │ July 5 to August 15
Summer Session 4 – (10 Weeks) │ June 5 to August 15
CUNY’s Winter and Summer 2023 course offerings will be conducted online, in person and in hybrid format.
See CUNYfirst for mode of instruction.

For session information, please refer to the Summer Session webpages.

For tuition information, please refer to the Bursar webpage.

If you wish to take classes during the Summer 2023 sessions, please discuss this with your advisor during your session.

QC Winter Bootcamps 2023

Take advantage of one of the seven tuition free bootcamps this summer: Accounting, Economics, English, Math (Algebra, Pre-Calculus or Calculus) and STEM Overview.

This is a great way to get ready for Spring! Get to know the beautiful campus and QC instructors.

For more information on the QC Winter Bootcamps, visit

Email Questions: | Call: 718-997-5670 | Visit:

8. Do you qualify for one of these special programs – ACE, Murphy Institute, Transfer Honors

ACE Program

Accelerate, Complete, and Engage at Queens College (ACE QC) is a comprehensive support program designed to build on transfer students’ academic momentum and help students complete their bachelor’s degree within two years. Modeled after CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), ACE QC provides a range of financial, academic, and personal support, including intensive academic advisement, career development, assistance with textbook and transportation, and more.  ACE QC supports entering transfer students with an associate’s degree and pursuing a degree in select majors.  For details on application process, eligibility criteria, participating majors, and student requirements, visit the ACE QC website.

Murphy Institute

Identifying students who are union members to receive free services at QC

In collaboration with the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU), Queens College supports union members to earn a degree, advance their careers, and achieve personal growth.  All working Queens College students who are union members are invited to use free services provided by the Murphy Institute for Worker Education at QC.

To see if you are eligible for services please complete this form, we will then contact you to set up an appointment to meet with our advisors.

For more information, please call us at 718-997-3060 or visit our webpage.

If you like to know what students say about the Murphy’s services, watch this video.

Transfer Honors

What is the Transfer Honors Program (THP)?

The Transfer Honors Program (THP) is devoted to cultivating the scholarly potential of talented transfer students like you! Our motto, created by our students, is “Tell your story. Ignite our future. Serve the world.” Our goal is to give academic and financial support as well as comprehensive advising and mentoring to our students so that they may do advanced work in their own fields at Queens College and beyond!

Who is eligible for the THP?

You must have 60+ credits completed at the time of transfer and have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA from a AA, AS, BA, or BS program in your previous college(s). You should be able to demonstrate that you have taken courses in composition, the humanities, the social sciences, mathematics, and the laboratory sciences. Students already enrolled at Queens College and students who have already completed a four-year degree are not eligible to apply.

Contact information

Please see the Transfer Honors webage which contains our application, program brochure which highlights the benefits of the program, and information about recruitment events.

You may also contact us at:

9. Confirm Your Associate Degree (if applicable) & Complete Your File

Already have a degree?

Your general education requirements at Queens College will be determined by the type of associate degree (AA, AS, AAS, AGS, or AOS) that you earned or expect to earn at the end of the Fall 2022

File Completion

Having all of your official transcripts and score reports demonstrating Prior Learning in your admissions file is very important. Be sure to submit all original and final (non-CUNY) transcripts electronically to the Undergraduate Admissions Office (UA) via email to  AP, International Baccalaureate and CLEP scores should be sent via College Board to University Application Processing Center.  (UAPC)

Please note that UA cannot grant you any college credits unless official transcripts/score reports are on file. A good rule of thumb: If you were still in classes when you filled out the CUNY or Common application, you should submit your final official transcripts as soon as you can. Chances are the transcript on file used for admissions purposes will not show the final semester’s coursework, credits, and grades. Please note that this is not applicable for CUNY students who participated in the CUNY College Now Program.

Submit the following transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions:

  • Non-CUNY schools attended
  • Non-CUNY college preparatory coursework
  • High school transcript and proof of graduation

Standardized Exams

For comprehensive information on transferring credits through Industry Credentials, Portfolio Assessment, DSST Credit by Examination Program and Military Training and Occupations please see the CUNY – Credit for Prior Learning website.

Please contact with any questions.

It is important that you provide academic advisors with this information at your Virtual Transfer Session so that they can help to determine how much and what type of credit you may be awarded by the Admissions Office. Advisors who have this information can advise you against taking duplicative courses and thereby losing credit.

10. Declare your Major

The following majors can be declared through the CUNY Admissions application

  • Biology​
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Comparative Literature​
  • English
  • Family Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (FNES) – Physical Education only
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • School of Earth & Environmental Sciences (SEES)
  • Urban Studies

If you did not indicate one of the above-mentioned majors on the CUNY application, or you would like to change the major you indicated, here is the virtual process for most majors:


Students who would like to declare or change a major or minor, can fill out the fillable Declaration of Major/Minor form and email it to the respective academic department for “signature.”  The academic department will then fill out their component of the form and will forward it to the QC HUB for processing.

The following majors require an application and/or have special entrance criteria, which means that they cannot be declared in this manner. Please see the respective department’s website for further information:

  • Business Administration (Actuarial Studies, Corporate Finance, and International Business)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders (i.e., Speech Pathology)
  • Dance; Drama/Theatre
  • Dietetics
  • Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Music (all programs)
  • Neuroscience
  • Studio Art BFA

For students who have earned 60 credits and must declare their major by the Financial Aid deadline January 31, 2023, but are not ready for their intended major, your advisor will suggest a related major in the interim, if necessary.

The 1​0 Steps t​o CompleteAfter Your Virtual Transfer Advising Session

1. As the Semester Nears, Connect with a Peer!

The Spring 2023 semester begins on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Now that you are enrolled, it’s time to prepare for your first day.

 The Academic Advising Center (AAC) Peer Leaders are hosting a series of New Student Q&A Workshops that will cover the key points to a successful first semester.

Learn how to:
Access your schedule
Claim your QC student accounts
Obtain your QC Student ID Card
and More…

Drop-in to any of our 1-hour Q&A Workshops listed below to connect with your peers!

Dates & Times

December 2022
Wednesdays: 14th, 21st , 28th at 12pm
Fridays: 16th at 4pm

January 2023
Mondays: 9th, 23rd & 30th at 1pm
Wednesdays: 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th at 12pm
Fridays: 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th at 2pm & 4pm

Zoom Info
Meeting ID: 857 9187 6078

Zoom Passcode: 617221

If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

2. Complete the Transfer Survey

Your voice is important to us! Please complete the Transfer Advising Survey to best assist us in determining if we are effectively meeting your needs as an incoming transfer student. Our goal is to ensure we provide you with the support and resources needed to begin your new academic journey as a member of the Queens College community.​

3. Finalize Your Online Accounts

Be sure to finalize all your QC accounts (CUNYfirst; Office 365/QMail and CAMS) as noted in the BEFORE section above.

If you are unable to do so, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) or the Help Desk to Submit a Ticket.

4. Get Your QC Student ID (QCard) & Campus Access

You must have a QC Student ID (QCard) or your Cleared4 Access Pass to enter campus.

The QCard is the official ID of Queens College. To obtain your QCard, you must have a CAMS (QC Username) and photos must be submitted online. Visit the QCard webpage to login and submit your photo.

If you are waiting for a QCard, you may present a Cleared4 Pass to enter campus.

Vaccinated QC students obtain a Cleared4 pass by uploading vaccine verification into CUNYfirst. If you have already done this, your campus access is valid and you do not need to do so again. Unvaccinated QC students with approved exemptions must test weekly to obtain a Cleared4 campus access pass.

Cleared4 access passes are sent via email and text to the accounts linked to your CUNYfirst account and/or to those you included when setting up your Cleared4 profile.

Scan this QR Code to begin the process for claiming your Cleared4 Access Pass:

Refer to the following additional resources to best navigate campus:

5. Submit Any Outstanding Immunization Records (MMR/MEN & COVID-19 Vaccine)

All students registering for a fully in-person or hybrid class schedule must be fully vaccinated unless they have been granted a religious exception or medical exemption to the vaccine. Students must upload their Covid-19 vaccination documentation in CUNYfirst by January 15, 2023, ten (10) days before classes begin on January 25, 2023. Students will be withdrawn from their Spring 2023 in-person/hybrid courses if they do not meet the guidelines outlined on the CUNY Coronavirus website. For additional information, please refer to the QC Semester Guidance – Campus Access and the Student Vaccination Mandate FAQ.

Students taking courses that are fully remote are not currently required to be vaccinated; however, all students taking remote classes who wish to visit the campus for any reason must be fully vaccinated and have their vaccination documents approved in CUNYfirst prior to their visit.

Students living in the residence hall or participating in an athletic contest within CUNYAC, ECC, or NJCAA Region XV conferences must be fully vaccinated to move in or participate, regardless of the instructional mode of their classes.

For more information, please refer to the Before Step #9 or visit the CUNY Coronavirus website

6. Review and Sign Key Points Doc for a Successful Transfer

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to review the Key Points for a Successful Transfer Document that outlines the degree requirements and important policies related to your degree.

Be sure to sign the form to confirm you have read the Key Points.

7. Paying for your Classes and Familiarize Yourself with Important Dates

View your tuition bill and applicable Financial Aid in your  CUNYfirst account – Student Center.

There are several aid programs and payment options available.

Organization is KEY! Stay informed of important dates throughout the semester. Download the QC Navigate app  and login to check your class schedule before the first day of classes — specially to ensure class locations in the event any have changed. Look up key information such as your class geolocations and important “to-dos,” dates, and deadlines.

8. Access Your “eAdvising Portfolio” and Session Notes in QC Navigate

Utilize the resources and tools available to you to help you succeed in college and stay on track for graduation and beyond. Access your eAdvising Portfolio ​via QC Navigate at any time to view your advising session notes and documents.

In preparation for the beginning of the semester, order your textbooks online

Be prepared for the first day of classes and order your textbooks online. Visit Queens College online bookstore.

10. Stay Connected to AAC!

Email the Academic Advising Center at and indicate Transfer Advising in the subject line. Call the New Student phone line at (718) 997-5573 and we will promptly return your call.

“Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for helpful tips, important dates, events & IG Live @academicadvising_qc”

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Office Information

Director: Laura Silverman
Office: Kiely Hall, Room 217
Continuing Student Phone: 718.997.5599, New Student Phone: 718.997.5573, Fax: 718.997.5643

Complete the Accuplacer ESL Testing Registration Form if you are a new or continuing student and have not met your CUNY Reading and Writing Proficiency Requirements. Note that the ESL exam is free of charge and must be completed before you can register for classes at QC.