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Welcome to the Peer Ambassador Program!


AAC Peer Ambassadors are fellow Queens College students. Peers provide individual mentoring support to new undergraduate students transitioning into Queens College. Peers also provide in-person and virtual office hours to aid in new students’ journey to thrive academically and socially during their first year at Queens College.
Meet Our Peer Ambassadors

Carol Guachichulca Headshot

Carol Guachichulca

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

In-Person Hours: Thu, 1pm – 4pm

Hi everyone! My name is Carol and I am a graduating senior with a major of Communication Science and Disorders to become a speech-language pathologist. I enjoy crocheting and driving around the city to find new cafes. A fun fact is that I will be going to Vietnam this summer to teach English to middle schoolers!

Kareena Khan Headshot

Kareena Khan

Major: Design

In-Person Hours: Thu, 11am – 4pm

Hey, guys! I’m Kareena and I’m a graduating senior, intending to pursue UI/UX Design. I really enjoy gaming, doing nail designs, and of course binging TV shows. A fun fact about me is that my hair used to be about 4 feet long, before I cut it when I turned 18.

Labiba Khurshid Headshot

Labiba Khurshid

Major: English and Secondary Education

In-Person Hours: Tue/Wed, 1:30pm-4pm

Hello! I’m Labiba and I received my BA in English and Secondary Education and I’m currently pursuing an MA in English. My career interests are in writing, editing/publishing, and teaching. I enjoy painting and visiting museums and a fun fact about me is that I have two cats.

Kyndia Adewole Headshot

Kyndia Adewole

Major: Psychology

In-Person Hours: Mon: 1pm – 4pm; Tue/Wed: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Hi guys 🙂 I’m Kyndia and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in psychology. My career interests are being a therapist or a school counselor. My hobbies are art, listening to music, playing with my dog, and watching TikTok. A fun fact about me is that I paint and have an art wall in my room

Tasnia Karim Headshot

Tasnia Karim

Major: Design

In-Person Hours: Wed: 1pm – 4pm; Thu: 10am – 12pm

Hi guys! My name is Tasnia and I’m currently a junior. My major is design. I will be graduating with a BFA in design and I would like to continue my education with a MFA in design. In the future, I want to become a UI/UX designer. My hobbies consist of going to concerts, traveling, and taking pictures on my camera. A fun fact about me is that I have a Chartreux cat named Chrome!

Allison Keane Headshot

Allison Keane

Major: Education

In-Person Hours: Mon 10am – 3pm

Hello, my name is Allison, and I am currently a graduate student. I graduated from Queens College with my bachelor’s in psychology and am now doing Elementary Education. On my free time, I enjoy going on walks with my dog.

Marcos Navarro Headshot

Marcos Navarro

Major: Nutrition & Dietetics

In-Person Hours: Wed 10am – 1pm

Hi, true believers! My name is Marcos Navarro, and I graduated from Queens College with a degree in nutrition. Currently, I am one of your Peer Ambassadors and I serve on the community board for a company called Tomorrow Farms. I enjoy hitting the gym and attending rock n’ roll concerts. Fun fact, I ran 3 marathons.

Yulissa Rosario Headshot

Yulissa Rosario

Major: Psychology

In-Person Hours: Tue 11am – 4pm

Hey, guys! My name is Yulissa and I’m a graduating senior, with a BA in psychology. I intend to attend graduate school to pursue a master’s in clinical psychology. I enjoy watching movies, traveling, and shopping. A fun fact about me is that I have a dog named lucky.


Program Coordinators

Daniella Headshot

Daniella Viola

Major: Psychology, Minor: BALA

In-Person Hours: Mon 9am – 4pm; Thu 11am – 3pm

Hey, there. My name is Daniella and I am a soon to be grad from QC. I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing and sexploring consumer behavior. I enjoy bingeing shows, and roller skating. Fun fact about me, I have an electric violin.

Selina Singh Headshot

Selina Singh

Major: Psychology

In-Person Hours: Mon/Wed 12pm – 4pm; Tue 9am – 12pm

Hey all! I am Selina, nice to meet you. I am a graduating senior, with a BA in psychology. I intend to attend graduate school next fall, to pursue a masters in Mental Health Counseling. My hobbies include baking, thrifting, and listening to true crime podcasts. Fun fact about me is that I was born in Georgetown, Guyana.

Program Administrators

Program Administrators
Make An Appointment

Drop-In at Kiely 209 or Schedule a Virtual/In-Person Session!

During your office hours Peer Ambassadors can help answer questions regarding departments/offices or tutoring services, assist with signing up for e-accounts such as CAMS and qmail, and explain sites such as Degreeworks, CUNYFIRST, Schedule Builder QC Navigate, and more! Schedule a Virtual Session HERE!

Program Overview

Overview of Program

Housed within the Academic Advising Center (AAC), Peer Ambassador offers support to eligible new first-year students involved in the QC in 4 program and undeclared transfer students.

This Peer-to-Peer holistic support model identifies frequent challenges new students face and provides quick, relatable strategies to overcome them. Peer-to-Peer support models have been shown to significantly impact student academic progress and sense of belonging.

Through a growing partnership with College Access: Research & Action (CARA) College Allies, Peer Ambassadors receive 75+ hours of training to successfully support students in addition to gain positive academic and professional experiences. Ambassadors learn to provide new students with relatable, and vital insight on how they can acclimate into QC, achieve their academic and personal goals, and prepare for future careers.

All services are free for assigned Queens College students.

Office Information

Program Supervisor:
Caitlin Wilson

Program Coordinator: Daniella Viola

Program Coordinator:
Selina Singh

Office: Kiely Hall, Room 209
Phone: 718.570.0485

Hours of Operation

In Person:
Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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