Policies and Procedures

Course Permit Process

​Course Permits facilitate the process of students obtaining permission to register for courses at another college.

General Rules

  • Prior approval from Queens College is required!
  • No permit is granted retroactively!
  • You must have established a GPA and be in good academic standing (2.0 or higher) at Queens College.

Within CUNY System (ePermit)

  • Apply for ePermit via CUNYfirst. First semester transfer students may apply in first semester. Eligibility based on previous college GPA.
  • Grades earned on ePermit (including failing grades) transfer to QC.

Outside of CUNY (Non-CUNY Permit)

  • Non-CUNY Permit Form available on Registrar’s Office website.
  • Must obtain faculty signature and submit form to One-Stop Service Center.

Remember the College’s Residency Requirement

At least 45 credits must be completed in residency at Queens College. Your major and minor at Queens College might have additional residency requirements. Consult your faculty advisor. ​

College Honors

In order to graduate with general college honors:

Students who have taken at least 45 credits with letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) at Queens College may be given honors if their grade point average on the basis of work done only at Queens College meets the requirements as well as their cumulative grade point average including work done at previous institutions. Please note that P/NC grades are not counted toward the 45 credits. 

  • Cum Laude (3.5-3.749)
  • Magna Cum Laude (3.75-3.899)
  • Summa Cum Laude (3.9-4.0)

Departmental Honors

  • ​​Check with academic departments for specific requirements.


Academic Decisions that Affect Financial Aid

New York State Financial Aid (Tuition Assistance Program) 

  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 brand-new credits (i.e., courses not taken previously)
  • Fulfill degree requirements
  • Check course compliance every semester
  • Declare a major by the 60th credit



  • ​New York State Aid (TAP) prohibits repeating a course for which you received transfer credits and an acceptable grade


Generally, if you receive any form of financial aid–grants and/or student loans–you must:

  • Declare a major by the 60th credit 
  • Maintain acceptable GPA 
  • Maintain appropriate course load 
  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress
  • Meet pursuit and progress requirements​